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Sunday, August 21, 2005

San Francisco can GO TO HELL

Apologies to those of you from San Francisco who AREN'T total liberal idiots (all two of you), but this just makes my blood boil:

"The USS Iowa joined in battles from World War II to Korea to the
Persian Gulf. It carried President Franklin Roosevelt home from the Teheran
conference of allied leaders, and four decades later, suffered one of the
nation's most deadly military accidents.
Veterans groups and history buffs
had hoped that tourists in San Francisco could walk the same teak decks where
sailors dodged Japanese machine-gun fire and fired 16-inch guns that helped win
battles across the South Pacific.
Instead, it appears that the retired
battleship is headed about 80 miles inland, to Stockton, a gritty agricultural
port town on the San Joaquin River and home of California's annual asparagus
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., a former San Francisco mayor,
helped secure $3 million to tow the Iowa from Rhode Island to the Bay Area in
2001 in hopes of making touristy Fisherman's Wharf its new home.
But city
supervisors voted 8-3 last month to oppose taking in the ship, citing local
opposition to the Iraq war and the military's stance on gays, among other
"If I was going to commit any kind of money in recognition of war,
then it should be toward peace, given what our war is in Iraq right now,"
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi said. "

Yeah. That's liberalism for you. "You saved my ass and went through hell for me, securing the right for my pathetic whiny liberal views to be expressed no matter how stupid they are. You fought bled and died for me. But you know what? You don't like "Queer as Folk" so you're a bigot and you aren't welcome in my city. Trust us, we know better than you, you stupid redneck. You would see force as the solution to a violent militaristic expansionist regime that attacked us. Warmongerer."

Stupid liberal asses. Shut up and kiss the ass of a veteran, you bunch of ingrates.

Thanks to the Drudge Report, as always.

UPDATE: Sorry, I wrote that when I was still mad. Q: What temperature does Danté's blood boil at? A: liberals.

Friday, August 19, 2005

This is Not a Good Idea

It seems Nepean-Carleton MP and poster boy for Alliteration Pierre Poilievre is demanding that Canadians send their outrage over the appointment of an alleged(?) Quebec separatist to our Nation's highest post (Sad that the GG is the nation's highest post, isn't it?).

"Pierre Poilievre's website www.fightingforyou.ca is inviting
Canadians to email the Queen with concerns about a newly released videotape that
shows Governor-General Designate, Michaëlle Jean, toasting independence with an
FLQ member, and newly discovered comments quoted in a separatist book that Mr.
Lafond wrote in 1993. The Conservative M.P. called on Paul Martin to explain the
troubling incidents, but Martin's office refused to take responsibility blaming
the tape and book on a separatist conspiracy"

Separatist conspiracy? Martin sounds like tinfoil hat-wearing nut!

This is not a good idea for several reasons. Sure, we have every right to be upset with the audacity of the Prime Minister for playing pure politics in only considering (liberal) Quebecers for the role of GG, in order to smooth over the shamed feelings of Quebecers for playing host to Adscam. Sure we are absolutely right in demanding that Ms. Jean prove she is truly loyal to Canada (I have yet to hear her use that exact word). After all, she is also a dual Canadian-French citizen - could this possibly put her in a conflict of interest? Is it possible that the government of France could place pressure on her in order to exert their influence over Canada? And coupled with her alleged(?) support for Quebec sovereignty, how would such a situation play out if she were asked to dissolve parliament or rule over a question of sovereignty?

But the primary reason for NOT knocking the new GG is this: the office of the Governor General is supposed to be above politics. Therefore, she isn't supposed to get involved in any political spat, which, let's face it, this is starting to become - despite the fact that the media were the ones who brought this up. It doesn't look good when you start throwing accusations at those who aren't allowed to defend themselves.

And most of all, let's not forget she's also an attractive minority woman. Automatically that means there is a label tattooed to her forehead saying "WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH THIS ISSUE WITH A TEN FOOT POLE." Any fool who tries to knock someone like her down a notch in order to badmouth the Liberals is asking for a public LYNCHING by mobs of PC media elites. That simple.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Michaelle Jean, GG of an Independant Quebec

It seems our newest CBC reporter Governor General is now denying any link to the Separatist movement in La Belle Province.

"I want to tell you unequivocally that both he and I are proud to be Canadian
and that we have the greatest respect for the institutions of our country.

"We are fully committed to Canada. I would not have accepted this
position otherwise."

She also insisted that "we have never belonged to a
political party or the separatist movement

I'd be more than willing to believe her if it weren't for that pesky film in which she seems to express views diametrically opposed to the ones she's expressed here. As to believing her husband, I say "not bloody likely."

"A sovereign Quebec? An independent Quebec?" he asked rhetorically. "Yes, I applaud with both hands and I promise to attend all the St-Jean Baptiste Day parades."

You'll of course pardon me for not believing a word he says. Sorry, Monsieur Lafond, bur seeing and hearing is believing. Like I said, I'd like to believe the new GG isn't a separatist, but all the evidence seems to point to the opposite.

And then

"But Catherine Gagnaire, a spokeswoman for Jean, said the fact that Lafond made films about separatism doesn't mean he was a separatist."

No, but making statements supporting separatism does. Simple, eh?

Full text of the Jean Statement here

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cindy Sheehan Officially Nuts

Cindy Sheehan, from Yahoo news:

"George Bush took a 2 hour bike ride on Saturday, and when he got back, he was asked how he could go for a two hour bike ride when he doesn't have time to meet with me, and he said: "I have to go on with my life." (Austin Statesman, August 14) WHAT!!!!!????? He has to get on with his life!!! I am so offended by that statement. Every person, war fan, or not, who has had a child killed in this mistake of an occupation should be highly offended by that remark. Who does he think he is?"

Well I don't know who Cindy Sheehan thinks he is, but I'm pretty sure he thinks he's the President of the United States of America. I'm also pretty sure he's right and can do whatever the hell he wants. I hope someone will also care to explain the following discrepancies in her statements:

Statement 1:

"Getting on with my life means learning to live with a pain that is so intense that sometimes I feel like throwing up, or screaming until I pass out from sorrow. I wish a little bike ride could help me get on with my life."

And Statement 2:

"Now I know how Mickey Mouse feels at Disneyland."

Yeah, does that make any sense to anyone at all?

Now, this crazy woman's husband is divorcing her after her family and son hav publicly distanced themselves from her campaign of mental instability, probably after realizing that this woman has officially gone off the deep end. I feel sorry for the poor woman, I really do. I mean, to make a fool of herself promoting some wacko left-wing anti-war cause in front of the nation, she must have been deeply affected by her son's death. However, she still doen't realize why he went over there. The answer is simple, and something only men in combat understand: He told her that all of his buddies were going and that he didn't want to leave them. This, my friends, is the bond between men in combat, closer than brotherhood. This is what causes men to jump on a grenade for each other. And if Cindy Sheehan can't understand that he died for his buddies and innocent Iraqi civillians who deserve freedom as much as she does (instead of Big Oil), then I question how well she really knew her son.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Solutions for Healthcare

You know, it's probably a good idea for the government to listen to the doctors on this one:

"In its June ruling in a case brought by Quebec doctor Jacques Chaouilli and his patient George Zeliotis, the high court found that long waits for health care violate Quebecers' rights under the provincial charter of rights.

"I think the Supreme Court ruling has increased the speed of the treadmill of all of us in terms of wait times," Collins-Nakai said from Edmonton, although she said a one-year stay in that decision has given provincial governments some breathing room to ante up better access or provide health insurance to cover the gaps in services."

You know, the new-left gets into a hissyfit every time someone mentions Healthcare Reform. For some confounded reason, they think that this means "give the rich healthcare and shoot everyone else who breaks their leg." I'm sure that most NDP true believers swallow this, but in the case of the Liberals, they obviously know that this isn't true and just throw it out to Canadians hoping that John and Jane Q. Public will think that the Conservatives are a bunch of scary Dr. Giggles clones. The bottom line is that the Health Care system is broke and needs massive reform in order to save it. People are dying simply because the government believes that it's somehow wrong to pay your own money for private healthcare (thus shortening the que for the rest of us). Whatever happened to the "it's my body and I'll do what I want with it" argument? I guess when it comes to exposing the Liberal party's outrageous screw-up of our Health Care System, that one doesn't count.

I know some conservatives think our Health Care Program is tantamount to evidence that we're slowly turning into a soviet-style state. While I have no doubt that we are being dragged further and further along that path, I think that our Health Care System is still a wonderful and great idea. I mean, the idea of not having to pay thousands of dollars just to heal a broken leg is very appealing to me as a Canadian. I realize that this does not mean the system is free - after all, we get taxed out of the wazoo for it - but it's a good concept. I don't think any Canadian would disagree with that. Where I do see a resemblance to a Soviet Style system is in the waiting periods. If you've ever lived in the former Soviet Union, you know that you have to wait forever for almost everything - groceries, manufactured goods, clothes and the like - due to the inefficiency of the system. Well, I see the same thing with our Health Care system. Although throwing money at the problem won't solve it, it certainly couldn't hurt. We could start by putting back the $40 000 000 000 that Paul Martin cut from the program while he was Finance Minister in the '90s (and we're supposed to be frightened of the Conservative plan for health care?).

But for every complex question, there is always an answer that is short, simple, and wrong. Throwing money at the sysem won't fix it. We still need to hire more doctors and prevent the ones we have from leaving for a better paying job elsewhere. I can't pretend to have all the answers, because I don't. But we could sure as hell be doing a lot better than we are now.


Someone Should Tell That To the Liberal Party

More in the world of common sense:

(CNSNews.com) - In an effort to shore up President Bush's policy on prostitution
in the face of an assault by critics, more than 100 pro-family, health, Christian and other mostly conservative organizations are urging Bush to continue requiring groups receiving federal funding to oppose prostitution.The administration contends that the sex trade fuels human trafficking, a phenomenon that affects millions of people -- mostly women and children -- obtained for commercial sex, involuntary labor or for other purposes.

Someone should tell the Liberal party. Yes, that Liberal Party. The one who voted to legalize prostitution.

The problem of prostitution is this: it takes women and children (often girls who are very young - in their early teens or pre-teen years) and subjects them to a degrading lifestyle where they are bought and sold like cattle. The problem isn't that they don't have any protection - the problem is that they are in the lifestyle in the first place. The solution isn't to regulate 'the sex trade' as an industry, the solution is to get them out of the lifestyle! But again, wishy-washy "if you can't beat 'em, join em" philosophy (AKA "surrendering") prevails amongst our nation's illegitimate governing party.


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to "Uncommon Truths," a Conservative Canadian Political Blog (try saying that ten times fast). I don't pretend anyone is ever going to read this, but if even a few people do, well, that makes me happy. I will be posting my views on a variety of political and social issues that will not only cover Canada, but also the US and the world. BE ADVISED: this is a CONSERVATIVE blog and if you are a squeamish liberal, apt to cry every time someone questions your world view, it might be best for you to go HERE instead, where you can go complain about how neo-facist conservatives are oppressing transgendered vegan activists in the Federated States of Micronesia. Or something like that. I pull no punches. I call a spade a spade and tell it like it is. If that offends, than good. If it makes you question the authority of the fat old men in power and the direction that they are dragging you in, even better. If it makes you demand that they give an accounting for themselves, there just might be hope for this country.

Canadian Conservatism is:
  • The belief that the government should keeps it's hands off your money
  • The belief that our country's military needs support in order to allow these brave men and women to protect innocent Canadians and defend our sovereignty
  • The belief that we are all Canadians and all equal, regardless of what region we live in or who we vote for
  • The belief that the government should be honest and truthful
  • The belief that everyone has the right to their own beliefs without being ridiculed, no matter what the government says otherwise

Welcome to "Uncommon Truths." I hope you stick around for the ride.