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Friday, August 19, 2005

This is Not a Good Idea

It seems Nepean-Carleton MP and poster boy for Alliteration Pierre Poilievre is demanding that Canadians send their outrage over the appointment of an alleged(?) Quebec separatist to our Nation's highest post (Sad that the GG is the nation's highest post, isn't it?).

"Pierre Poilievre's website www.fightingforyou.ca is inviting
Canadians to email the Queen with concerns about a newly released videotape that
shows Governor-General Designate, Michaëlle Jean, toasting independence with an
FLQ member, and newly discovered comments quoted in a separatist book that Mr.
Lafond wrote in 1993. The Conservative M.P. called on Paul Martin to explain the
troubling incidents, but Martin's office refused to take responsibility blaming
the tape and book on a separatist conspiracy"

Separatist conspiracy? Martin sounds like tinfoil hat-wearing nut!

This is not a good idea for several reasons. Sure, we have every right to be upset with the audacity of the Prime Minister for playing pure politics in only considering (liberal) Quebecers for the role of GG, in order to smooth over the shamed feelings of Quebecers for playing host to Adscam. Sure we are absolutely right in demanding that Ms. Jean prove she is truly loyal to Canada (I have yet to hear her use that exact word). After all, she is also a dual Canadian-French citizen - could this possibly put her in a conflict of interest? Is it possible that the government of France could place pressure on her in order to exert their influence over Canada? And coupled with her alleged(?) support for Quebec sovereignty, how would such a situation play out if she were asked to dissolve parliament or rule over a question of sovereignty?

But the primary reason for NOT knocking the new GG is this: the office of the Governor General is supposed to be above politics. Therefore, she isn't supposed to get involved in any political spat, which, let's face it, this is starting to become - despite the fact that the media were the ones who brought this up. It doesn't look good when you start throwing accusations at those who aren't allowed to defend themselves.

And most of all, let's not forget she's also an attractive minority woman. Automatically that means there is a label tattooed to her forehead saying "WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH THIS ISSUE WITH A TEN FOOT POLE." Any fool who tries to knock someone like her down a notch in order to badmouth the Liberals is asking for a public LYNCHING by mobs of PC media elites. That simple.

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