A great man once said, "Politics is inherently stupid." That great man was me.

Monday, October 31, 2005

To all my readers:

Happy Halloween, from Uncommon Truths!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Franken is a Violent Ass

So it seems Al Franken thinks political violence is funny. In this skit promoting the asshat's new book, Franken and two liberal goons beat up a conservative for not liking it.

He sure has come a long way from the passive Stuart Smiley. Of course, liberals by and large are twofaced, so this comes as no surprise. Prepare to have your blood boil.

Al Franken Violent Assault Video

What a dork.

An Ode to Moonbats

Seems that some silly Moonbat thought he'd be clever and write a poem in my comments that criticized us Tories. Silly Moonbat! But it got me thinking - I should write a poem of my own! And I did. For your reading pleasure, I call it "Ode to a Moonbat."

I want to tell you all about a good and honest man

He saw things going down the hill and said "this 'aint the plan"

Seems all we got is crooks and thieves, and everyone's doing wrong

And now we're told that wrong was really right all along

We can kill our kids inside the womb, they're really parasites

And don't let rednecks tell you no, cause killing is your right

And don't you dare believe in God, you're just a backward fool

But leave my own beliefs alone, the TV says their cool

We'll string you up upon a cross for speaking for what's right

And if you try to speak your mind, well son that's not alright

We'll take your money 'cause it's ours, who cares if you worked hard?

We need another limousine and gardener for the yard

But listen libs, and listen hard, 'cause you're just full of shit

And for all your sanctimonious talk you're all just hypocrites

So don't come round my blog no more

Cause boy, you're far from home

Think twice before you tangle with

The Con who wrote this poem.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Annual Parliamentary Press Gallery dinner

Well, NDP leader Jack Layton may have had the flashiest display, but it was truly Stephen Harper who had the best performance at the recent the annual Parliamentary Press Gallery Dinner. From his uncanny impressions of Preston Manning, Brian Mulrooney, Anne McLellan and John McCallum to his "Fox Hat" crack, he had me in stitches...yes, you did hear that right. Best of all was his take on the whole Grewal affair. Paraphrased:

"Gurmant couldn't be here tonight...He's home taping the hockey game for me. Don't worry, he'll edit it up so that my team wins in the end."

Accordingly, he wrote the speech himself, so I hear. I am impressed.

It was nice to see the politicians unwind for a night and make light of the very, very tense year we've been having in Canadian politics.

Maybe I'm naive, but I was actually kind of shocked to hear Jack Layton say "shit" on television. Part of me realizes that for a politician in the US, that would be political suicide. Here in Canada, we don't mind. It's an interesting contrast.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some People Have All The Luck



Sen. Judd Gregg won $853,492 from the Powerball lottery after matching five of six numbers in Wednesday's drawing, adding to his already sizable wealth.

"Even senators can be lucky," he told reporters outside the D.C. Lottery claims center, where he picked up his check.

The Republican from New Hampshire -- who chairs the Budget Committee and who has a reputation as a strict fiscal conservative -- said his wife is currently remodeling their home and already has plans for the new money.

"She's already told me, 'Don't spend it. I've already got plans.'"

He said he bought about $20 of tickets on Monday at a D.C. Citgo gas station as he headed from Baltimore to Washington for a Senate vote.

"I don't plan to quit my job," he said with a smile.

I may be a bit jealous, considering my tickets for 6/49 didn't win today, but I congratulate the guy. Hey, at least he's a Republican.

However, I couldn't help but laugh at something else in the story that caught my eye:

After hearing the lottery news, Sen. Kent Conrad, D-North Dakota, the top Democrat on the Budget Committee, quipped the money should be used to pay down the federal deficit.

"We'll take it all," he said.

Liberals: Always knowing what's best for your money.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Chinese Shuttle Pictures


Sorry, I couldn't resist (I never played Starcraft).

I hope they are not seriously suggesting these are actual photos. Still, the caption called it a photo and not a depiction. It seems like they got one of those 14 year olds who cheats at "Counterstrike" to do up a CGI shuttle on the cheap.

Sad China. Sad.

Did they even launch a spacecraft in the first place? Way to go China. You accomplished something that the west did almost seventy years ago. Of course, China is famous for being 45 years behind the west. Just look at their human rights record...

(By the way, nothing makes me happier than technically stealing bandwidth from communists.)

EDIT: Okay, so they are just depictions apparently. Still, it was pretty funny while it lasted.

Friday, October 14, 2005


Meeting Harper tonight before the NL PC Convention. Should be interesting. I'll tell you all about it when I get back.

UPDATE: Nothing pleases me more than the fact that by using this image of Harper, I'm technically stealing bandwith from a leftist web-site. Ah yeah.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Donate Today!

Today a nice lady from the CPC called me to inform me that "Martin is planning an election after New Year's" and that the CPC needed donations. She also mentioned that since corporate donations are now not allowed, grassroots donations are exceedingly important. Now, as some of my readers may have obviously surmised, I am a student - which also means my own personal funds can sometimes be tight - after all, I am working my way through University, loan free (which I am very proud of). As such, I had to tell her that at the moment I'm unable to donate, but that if ever I'm able I will send money to my local MP (a great man who I'm proud to know). Nonetheless, I still for whatever reason feel kind of guilty that I couldn't just tell her yes over the phone, even if I'm short on funds. I have decided that even though this may be the case, I will be making a donation to the party as a whole as well as to my local Conservative MP. It may mean a bit of sacrifice, but it's a small price to pay for a Conservative government. Besides, we all need to pitch in in order to defeat the Liberals in the next election. This party's grassroots are second to none in fundraising, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let someone else shoulder my load. Conservatives understand the value of sacrifice for the greater good - so I'm urging all of you to make a donation either to the CPC today or to your local Conservative MP or Candidate. We need to fight like hell to bring democracy and truth back to Canada. It starts with us. It starts with you. Even though it will be a bit of a sacrifice, I'm donating.

Are you?

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I think the title of this post says it all - I think it's a thouroughly complete description of the way liberals act in general

In my university's campus newspaper today, I noticed an exceptionally large level of common sense responses to the newspaper's wacko far left articles.

For example, people said:
  • Pornography dehumanizes people and makes sex a "what can I get out of it" act.
  • A local feminist group that uses a certain vulgar name for female anatomy in their name is only shooting itself in the foot and showing it's childishness .
There were also a few others along these lines. Sounds reasonable to me. But the editor took issue with all of these non-liberal viewpoints and needed to get his dig in. In the editorial section - the section of the newspaper reserved for the general public to make their opinions known - the editor actually took a whole half page to shoot back his own wacko thoughts at these people, and titled it "opinons editor rags on contributors." He basically insulted each and every one of the contributors, addressing his issues with each of their letters one by one.

Now here is my response to this editor, and I firmly intend to send him the link to this site so that he can read it for himself.


I have noticed that you have taken pains to insult the opinions of your readers one by one in the editorial section of the paper. Since you clearly do not know how to do your job properly, let me explain it to your simple mind:

Each week, the staff of the newspaper writes articles in which they express their opinions and ideas. This is their turn to state what they think. The following week, letters from the general public are published in the editorial section of the paper. This is their turn to express their opinions. THEIR TURN. You have already HAD YOUR TURN. Taking pains to make sure you have a response to the representative opinions of the general public is nothing more than an extremely childish attempt at saying "Ha Ha, I got the last word!" It is also exceptionally pathetic.

It's pretty sad when the general public tells you that they think your ideas are full of crap and you insult them. Perhaps your wacko views don't represent them?

Hugs and Kisses,



Ahem...well, it seems that Peter "Completely Freaking Cool in Every Single Way" MacKay is being considered for the new top job in Nova Scotia. I have some advice for Mr. McKay:


Seriously, Pete, we need you in Ottawa. It's bad enough people think the PC side of the Conservative Party has been muzzled - if you leave, it'll be a disaster, and you can bet the Liberals will spin it as a, "McKay left because he was dissatisfied with the regressive nature of the party" job.

I've met Peter McKay. Hell, I've had my picture taken with him and a couple other of MP's I'm friends with after having coffee with them at Tim's. I found him to be so incredibly accessible, open and honest. When he talked to you, he was so straightforward and convincing that you knew this was a man who had the right stuff. Hell, he even briefly talked about his personal life! When we said our goodbyes, he offered to play rugby with me the next time he was in Newfoundland.

What a guy!

And it is for these reasons we need our man Peter in Ottawa. I hate to say this, because I've also met Stephen Harper (and he is a really nice guy), but Peter just resonates so much better with the Canadian Public than Harper does. If he goes, it's going to be a big loss - and the party will suffer for it.

So Peter, please stay. And like I said when we last met, "Give 'em hell."