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Saturday, October 01, 2005


Ahem...well, it seems that Peter "Completely Freaking Cool in Every Single Way" MacKay is being considered for the new top job in Nova Scotia. I have some advice for Mr. McKay:


Seriously, Pete, we need you in Ottawa. It's bad enough people think the PC side of the Conservative Party has been muzzled - if you leave, it'll be a disaster, and you can bet the Liberals will spin it as a, "McKay left because he was dissatisfied with the regressive nature of the party" job.

I've met Peter McKay. Hell, I've had my picture taken with him and a couple other of MP's I'm friends with after having coffee with them at Tim's. I found him to be so incredibly accessible, open and honest. When he talked to you, he was so straightforward and convincing that you knew this was a man who had the right stuff. Hell, he even briefly talked about his personal life! When we said our goodbyes, he offered to play rugby with me the next time he was in Newfoundland.

What a guy!

And it is for these reasons we need our man Peter in Ottawa. I hate to say this, because I've also met Stephen Harper (and he is a really nice guy), but Peter just resonates so much better with the Canadian Public than Harper does. If he goes, it's going to be a big loss - and the party will suffer for it.

So Peter, please stay. And like I said when we last met, "Give 'em hell."

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3 Old Comments:

He would do well to serve as a premier and then come back to the federal scene, ready to be PM. He is not PM material now.

Besides HArper has not asked him to stay.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:09 a.m.  

If he goes it's Harper's fault pure & simple. Peter's the ultimate party guy, loyal to the CPC in every way. The fact that Harper hasn't aggresively asked him to say has really pissed me off

By Blogger McGuire, at 11:49 a.m.  

It does seem strange that Harper hasn't seemed to try to encourage MacKay to stay.

If his departure would hurt the CPC's electoral chances (which I think it would, some might disagree) then it seems from a personal advancement point of view it might well make sense for Mr. MacKay to leave... the potential scenario being:

The MacKayless CPC loses the next election.

MacKay spends a term running a province and getting executive experience.

MacKay returns and reassumes the leadership of the Tories, perhaps becoming PM.

Now, of course about a zillion other scenarios could happen, but the one above is at least plausible, and he must have at least CONSIDERED it, no matter how loyal he is.

Seems to me that this isn't a good time for the CPC to be leaving any doubt as to whether or not they want MacKay to stay. Stronach leaving didn't hurt the Tories much, but I think MacKay deserves much of the credit for that. But MacKay leaving? Easy for the Libs to spin against the Tories (another moderate bites the dust) and harder for the CPC to counterspin (after staying with the party after his girlfriend left MacKay banked a lot of "loyal to his party" cred with the public, so if he leaves, no matter how many nice things he says about Harper and the federal Tories people will chalk it up to his sense of loyalty, and assume that he's putting a good face on things, but just couldn't bring himself to stay with the federal party anymore). I wouldn't want to exaggerate the effect of MacKay's departure, but it won't be good.

By Blogger Lord Kitchener's Own, at 6:45 p.m.