A great man once said, "Politics is inherently stupid." That great man was me.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Universities Always End Up Sticking It To Us Conservatives...

...Even in the few cases where it's unintentional. So I have exams next week, and needless to say I'm very, very busy. So much so that I had to cancel going to the 30th anniversary mass of a friend's ordination into the Jesuits. So much so that I'm missing a Christmas party hosted by my local MP (wonderful and dedicated man that he is) and his friend, the all around swell guy Peter McKay.

What Was That About Canadians Not Wanting An Election?

Ironically, this one comes straight from the CBC itself:

The politicians may take some solace in one of the poll's findings:
Canadians don't seem to be concerned that they'll be facing a Christmas
election. Sixty-two per cent of those asked said it's not important that the
holiday season is being interrupted by an election campaign.

And yet we are told Canadians are opposed to an election over the holidays. Someone is lying.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lookit Me Now!

I for one like the new logo! Seeing as how the election is going to be pretty heated, I decided that I'd update the look of the blog to cope with what I expect will be some increased traffic. Expect more changes to the look of the site sometime after December 16, when I get a little bit more time to myself. I was up until close to four last night reading blogs and the news, and working on the logo/tweaking the html of the page in an attempt to get it looking somewhat nice, and I think it turned out pretty good. Although html runs through my veins like a river, I can't get things to work just right sometimes. Thankfully, examining the code from many of the visually stunning sites of my fellow bloggers gives me a clue as to how to make things fit in the way that I want them to. I for one am very excited. If you like the logo, let me know.

Martin Caught Accidentally Admitting Liberal Media

Fellow Blogging Tory Bill Strong caught note of an interesting exchange at the beginning of Paul Martin's Post-Defeat Scare-Mongering speech:

Did anyone else note this exchange at the beginning of Martin's speech? With the press inside the caucus room, where they are usually not allowed, Martin points to the back of the room and notes,

"This is a very special caucus. There seem to be a lot... who are all those people at the back of the room?"

to which someone from off camera says,

"They're all Liberals"

and Martin replies,

"All right. They're all Liberals".

That Martin, he's none too bright.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Martin Does Some Houskeeping...For Once

Looks like Paul Martin personally updated the Parliament of Canada web-site. I don't think he's quite mastered "Paint" yet. To tell you the truth, I'm surprised he didn't use Photoshop - it does have a "Dithering" setting after all. Posted by Picasa

"The Fellowship is Disbanded": 171-133

There we go. It's done and done, and there's not a way in hell the Liberals, scum that they are, can ignore this one. This is the first time a Canadian Government has fallen on a direct confidence vote.

I notice Gilles Duceppe had the knives unsheathed when he said that the other opposition parties voted against the government because they had just caught on to what the bloc had known "all along." The NDP probably will make similar statements soon enough. Ah, the Fellowship is disbanded.

All in all though, I loved watching Martin squirm and pretend he's confident and not worried - he does a terrible job at it. He's not very good at hiding just how worried he is over this. Martin knows that if he fails to deliver a majority government in this election, the knives will be out for him. He is between a rock and a very hard place.

But so is Harper. If Harper fails to deliver a victory again, he may find himself in a similar situation. What an irony that two remarkably different men find themselves facing the same fate tonight.

Well, this is it folks. Get your chequebooks out and volunteer your time, we all have to pitch in if this is going to work. No way in HELL am I letting some Liberal hack pose any threat to my MP (who, by the way, I am fiercely loyal to).

And thicken your skins. We know what deceit and treachery the Liberals are capable of from the last campaign. Prepare yourselves for an ugly Liberal campaign.

Globe and Mail: Liberal, Liberal, RA RA RA!!!

Did anyone else read the Globe today?

I can't sit down and eat without something to read, so I bought a globe today, and I can see the Conservative Bogeyman Media Campaign starting already. For the love of God, we're supposed to expect balanced reporting from these people, and what do we get from the article? Lots of talk about how the Conservatives are going to throw a nasty election campaign...from the Liberals.
Jan. 23 is the likely date of an election that will be triggered when the three opposition parties vote to defeat the 17 month-old minority government tonight and force a nasty, eight week winter election campaign, Liberal sources said yesterday.

Emphasis mine. I love how the article begins by spouting a Liberal talking point. What Bias?

Not only is that one giant pot calling the kettle black, the Globe didn't even interview one Conservative about the coming election! Talk about a one-sided story!

You know, I had some optimism about this upcoming campaign, but something makes me think we're in for more of the same.

Anyhow, I'll be meeting with Peter McKay this Friday, and we'll see what he says about tonight's vote. More later.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

You're Missing the Point Here

This was my response to some individuals over in the comments section on Small Dead Animals to a particular discussion on why Newfoundland is in the situation it's in economically (although that is starting to change).

First up is cal2 with his particular offensive comments:

Quebec is the most spoiled child of the whole lot. PEI is always the baby , and Newfoundland - the Timmy in the wheelchair.
Posted by cal2 at November 20, 2005 07:26 PM

Timmy in the wheelchair, eh? I wouldn't mention that around any disabled people there, cal. Here is my response concerning his educated statements:

Cal2, that's incredibly offensive to say that about Newfoundland, even if it was just a general description of the situation - in which case it was a poor one.

You want an accurate description of Newfoundland's place in Canada? Try Cinderella - the beautiful girl kept in semi-slavery by her evil stepsisters, Ontario and Quebec. The reason things are the way they are with Newfoundland has a lot to do with the Ontario and Quebec-first policies of the federal government. You want an example of this? We had to take down the CANADIAN FLAG to rightfully get what was already OURS in the Atlantic Accord dispute. The only reason we got it in the end was because that idiot Martin was getting worried at the prospect of the words "Prime Minister Stephen Harper." In a majority government situation, they would have just ignored us like usual. But Dalton McGuinty whines for five minutes that Ontario isn't getting it's fair share and a check for six billion dollars is in the mail before the tears have dried. Likewise, the same happened with Quebec just recently. Oh to have more than seven seats in parliament.

Maple stump however thinks he's got me pinned:

Dante, if NFLD wasn't selling its hydro at 25 cents on the dollar to Quebec and could properly manage what precious little it has (cukes anyone!), Cinderella - the beautiful girl wouldn't have ended up looking like an airhead.
Posted by Maple stump at November 21, 2005 09:32 AM

But not so fast, maple!:

Maple, you still don't get it. First off, that's not the cost at which hydro power is sold to Quebec. The reason NL sells it's hydro at such a ridiculously low price to Quebec is the result of idiot former Liberal premier and noted small-town charlatan Joey Smallwood. This scheming bastard, who incidentally engineered the pro-confederation vote in NL, thought it would be a good policy move to make a mega-project that would look good and garner him some more votes. Of course, he was less concerned with getting a good deal. As a result, he gave a set rate for the hydro to the Quebec government, instead of realizing that, "gee, maybe the price will rise someday." Thanks to this brilliant example of Liberal politics, we're getting 1960 rates for electricity in the good old year of 2005. As I've stated, getting a good deal wasn't his concern at the time. The same thing happened with another idiot former liberal premier and noted small-town charlatan Roger Grimes, who gave away one of the world's largest Iron Ore reserves, Voisey's Bay, for next to nothing. See a pattern here? Liberals = idiots + give-aways.

As I was saying before, central government policies also hinder our development. When we went to the Supreme Court of Canada to try to adjust a contract that is clearly unfavourable, and to get the right to transport a product (hydro electricity) through Quebec without having to sell it to Quebec first, the court (which hasn't one Newfoundlander on it) of course sided with Quebec. Can you imagine Alberta being forced by the government to sell it's oil or wheat to Ontario, because it goes through Ontario on the way to the states, so that Ontario gets to sell it to the US at an inflated price and gets all the benefit?
Do you see the pattern yet, Maple?

If you bothered to actually take the time to look at this issue, Maple, you'd begin to figure out who the real airhead is.

Apologies for the harsh words. Calling Joey Smallwood a bastard will get you lynched in certain die-hard liberal outports here. Of course, when the Liberals create a culture of dependency, who can blame these foolish folks for voting Liberal? Vote for Joey or starve was the choice given to them in the 40's and 50's.

I don't care, Joey's still a bastard. Haul up his corpse and put it on trial for treason.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hey, do any of you have...

...the link to a list of Liberal scandals that was posted in a blog recently (I read it on Friday)? I know it was in a Blogging Tories blog.

I'm trying to find it so I can list some of those same scandals in a letter to my local paper, but I'm not having any luck in the search. I figure that if anyone can help me find it, it's you guys. Leave the link in the comments if you would be so kind as to help me out. Thanks, you guys are awesome!

EDIT: Perfect, this'll be great. Once again, you guys are awesome.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Kanye West Doesn't Care About Black People

By now, many of you have heard the latest from Kanye West, "Diamonds are From Sierra Leone." Admittedly, this is Kanye's attempt to somehow bring attention to the plight of those in Sierra Leone who are affected by wars paid for with conflict diamonds. And as soon as I saw the title of the song and heard the first verse about a month or two ago, I thought, "Hey, Kanye is actually rapping about something worthwhile here. That's great!"

That all continued....right up until the second verse where he stops rapping about Sierra Leone and starts the usual Self-Aggrandizing that's present in most hip hop. Which isn't out of place, but in a song about Blood Diamonds and Sierra Leone...I have to wonder:

Does Kanye care about black people?

We all know he feels that President George W. Bush doesn't. But as I always say, the proof is in the pudding, Kanye. When you make a song about Sierra Leone, I expected that the song would talk about...Sierra Leone. But after talking for a while about how it hurts your poor concience to wear Conflict Diamonds, you stop talking about the problem in Sierra Leone. You also do a hell of a lot to make black people look bad. Check out these lyrics:

"And here's the conflict
It's in a black person's soul to rock that gold
Spend ya whole life tryna' get that ice
On a polo rugby it look so nice
How could somethin' so wrong make me feel so right, right?
'fore I beat myself up like Ike
You could still throw ya Rocafella diamond tonight"
Uh, thanks for telling black people that all they care about is gold and diamonds and that they innately value these things above all else. Geez, maybe Bill Cosby is right.

What else does Kanye say about the conflict in Sierra Leone?

"People askin' me is I'm gon' give my chain back (uh)
That'll be the same day I give the game back"
Nice to see Kanye cares so much about the conflict in Sierra Leone that he's going to give back all his diamonds in a protest. What a role model to us...what...He's not? Really?

While we in the west prattle on about wealth and riches and about how valuable and wonderful our lives are, we completely ignore and forget how valuable the lives of people in Africa are. Imagine walking down the streets of New York and seeing people having their arms cut off because of a conflict fed by Blood Diamonds? This is what they see every day. It's not any less horrible for them because they live in Africa. They feel the same as we do.

And while the conflict goes on, Kanye prattles on about how great diamonds look on him. I guess its true after all...Kanye West just doesn't care about black people.