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Monday, November 28, 2005

"The Fellowship is Disbanded": 171-133

There we go. It's done and done, and there's not a way in hell the Liberals, scum that they are, can ignore this one. This is the first time a Canadian Government has fallen on a direct confidence vote.

I notice Gilles Duceppe had the knives unsheathed when he said that the other opposition parties voted against the government because they had just caught on to what the bloc had known "all along." The NDP probably will make similar statements soon enough. Ah, the Fellowship is disbanded.

All in all though, I loved watching Martin squirm and pretend he's confident and not worried - he does a terrible job at it. He's not very good at hiding just how worried he is over this. Martin knows that if he fails to deliver a majority government in this election, the knives will be out for him. He is between a rock and a very hard place.

But so is Harper. If Harper fails to deliver a victory again, he may find himself in a similar situation. What an irony that two remarkably different men find themselves facing the same fate tonight.

Well, this is it folks. Get your chequebooks out and volunteer your time, we all have to pitch in if this is going to work. No way in HELL am I letting some Liberal hack pose any threat to my MP (who, by the way, I am fiercely loyal to).

And thicken your skins. We know what deceit and treachery the Liberals are capable of from the last campaign. Prepare yourselves for an ugly Liberal campaign.

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1 Old Comments:

Well I have no money to give,(you can thank 12 years liberal tax and spend gov't. for that), but I will
happily volunteer my time to the MP
in my riding. Parkdale-High Park.
Currently held by Sarmite Bulte.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 p.m.