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Thursday, January 19, 2006

CFS shilling for NDP, Liberals

An election is a great time to inform people about the policies held by the Conservative Party. Of course, it's also the time that all the moonbats come out of the woodwork. Prime on this list, as any conservative university student knows, is the Canadian Federation of Students. The CFS for those not in the know is a far-left group that says it's mandate is to represent Canadian students - in reality, it's nothing more than a group that shills for the NDP and the Liberals. The CFS promotes every left-wing ideal and group out there - worst of all, you automatically pay dues to them if you go to a Canadian University, whether you're a lefty or not (is there a way to opt out? Can someone look into this?).

They distributed a "report card" in my campus food court today. The cover for this "report card" was to inform students about the education platform of all three major federalist parties, but in reality it was just a pre-election attempt at smearing the Conservatives. They gave the NDP an "A-" on education, the Liberals a "B-".

They gave the Conservatives an F-.


Now you may have already realized by this point that there's no such thing as an "F-". There's just no such thing. That's like saying you're going to give someone eleventy jillion dollars - it just doesn't exist! Last I checked, if you failed something, you just got an "F". I must have missed the meeting where we all decided that we were now going to start assigning a process to describe the severity of failure. I'm surprised they didn't give the Conservatives an
F minus minus minus minus minus. If the CFS is trying to embarrass itself, they're doing a pretty good job of it.

Yeesh. If they're going to shill for the left, at least be subtle about it. And to be honest, the Conservative platform for students is absolutely great - I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind a $500 tax credit for textbooks. The Liberal platform - if it were actually to be carried out - would be nice, but keep in mind they've been promising these kinds of things for years and nothing ever comes of them. Empty promises do not help me pay my tuition, Paul.

So I helped the cleaning staff of the University out. I started picking up and throwing out some "trash," so to speak. I'm so civic-minded.

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6 Old Comments:

Deprivation of liberty...

Do you think we can organize something so kids from all over the country can stop paying together in a vast conspiracy? Come September, if thousands of us stop paying their useless tax, the universities won't be able to maul us as badly.

By Blogger Jonathan, at 5:56 p.m.  

You cannot 'opt-out' of paying dues to the CFS and remain a member school of the CFS. What you need to do is get a petition, get people to sign it saying that the student union should leave the CFS and join another student group (like OUSA in Ontario). Then once you have enough signatures, put it in a referendum.

Not every student union is allied with CFS, queen's for example hasn't been.

By Blogger Bam-Bam!, at 6:20 p.m.  

Well, I go to University of Waterloo. UW's student government, the Federation of Students is a member of CASA and OUSA rather than the leftist CFS. Any student who's involved with a student government that's a CFS member I would encourage to have try to remove their membership from the CFS. I'd say the only reason CFS doesn't support the Conservatives is because at CFS they're a bunch of socialists.

The Conservative platform regarding post-secondary education looks pretty good and they're in line with student lobby group's ideas.

- Creating an independent Canada Education Transfer and removing post-secondary education funding from the Canada Social Transfer. The Transfer will be funded at a base level and increased annually according to inflation and demographic growth. The Transfer will be negotiated with the provinces and territories to ensure the funding is targeted to post-secondary education.

- Changing the current policy and making scholarships and bursaries tax free.

- Revamping the federal student loan program to eliminate the inclusion of parental income and assets in the assessment of loan applications.

- Providing greater flexibility to students paying back federal student loans by implementing Income Contingent Loans and provide a preferred interest rate on student loans post-graduation.

When the Liberals make their promise of paying half of first year's and half of last year's tuition, is that really even possible? Education is a provincial juristiction. They can give the money to the provinces, but really, how much control do they really have over that money? Besides that, I just think the whole idea is stupid, why part of the first year and part of the last year's tuition? Why not average it out? I'd think it would be much easier to have a steady budget to plan for.

The Conservative platform looks doable, eliminating taxes from scholarships and bursaries. This is somethign that's within Revenue Canada's juristiction, making it something the federal government can actually do.

By Blogger Vek, at 6:38 p.m.  

What Bam-Bam said.

CFS has always been devoted to opposing and undermining Conservative governments. After the federal gov't went conservative in 1984, and the Ontario gov't went Liberal in 1985, CFS turned their guns on the federal conservatives, who have little to do with post-sec. education.

They are for free tuition, free room and board, free books, etc. That's why they are not satisfied with even the Lib gov't.

By Blogger Joan Tintor, at 6:57 p.m.  

Actually, the Canadian Federation of Students gave the Conservatives a "C" after Harper stated that he would not implement Income Contingent Loans.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:25 p.m.  

Perhaps, but that's not what the pamphlets they were distributing said.

By Blogger Danté, at 8:45 p.m.