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Friday, January 20, 2006

Jamaican Bobsledders

Get a load of this:

Brown, a Jamaican who has been competing with Canada on the World Cup circuit for two seasons, received a call Friday from Immigration Minister Joe Volpe that his citizenship has been approved and is clear to race at the Winter Games in Turin, Italy.

But Alexi Portnoy can't stay because he's not a shining example of multiculturalism. Far from it, he's an Israeli.

I'm not suggesting that this guy shouldn't be allowed to stay - I think he should. I'm just trying to highlight the inherent flaws in our immigration policy. I've seen far too many hardworking immigrants deported because of bureaucratic nonsense.

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1 Old Comments:

ok these don't match
they probably both should stay
i dont know the case of the latter but the bob sledder has wanted to be canadian for a long time and he is capable of winning a medal for us this olympics. I hope he wasn't approved because he can win us a gold rather that he qualifies as a good new citizen. Mean while the us resident that hauls hand guns for gangs into canada can hang out in lethbrige for thirty days while avoiding prosecution in the us. who will bet that he claims refugee status the day before he has to go back to the us. thanks for the handgun bs paul

By Blogger Rob, at 12:38 a.m.