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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A recent Strategic Counsel Poll for CTV and the Globe and Mail indicates that half of Canadians and even 25% of liberals believe a Conservative majority would be good for Canada:

Overall, the numbers add up like so (total good/ total bad / do-not-know, not applicable, refused to answer):

Quebec: 64-30-6
West: 59-28-13
Canada: 55-35-10
Rest of Canada: 51-37-12
Ontario: 45-45-10

And by Party:

Conservatives: 87-5-8
Bloc Quebecois: 60-36-4
Greens: 36-56-8
Other: 34-34-32
NDP: 30-62-8
Liberals: 26-65-9

The Conservatives continue to make inroads in Quebec, drawing what seems to be federalist support both from former Bloc protest votes and Liberal federalist votes. It seems indeed that the Conservative momentum is truly dismantling the Bloc's hopes for a 50% share of the vote. Duceppe has previously said a 50% share of the vote would indicate to him that separatists would have a mandate to launch a new referendum on Quebec Sovereignty.

Conservative support is also up in Ontario, and the Liberals and Conservatives are essentially tied in the race for Toronto. Outside Toronto, Conservative support is at 38%, as compared with 32% for the Liberals.


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