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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Was The Idiot That Came Up With This Crap?

I'm actually laughing at the new Liberal attack ads (courtesy of CTV). I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Liberals are making a big mistake in thinking that they can win this election by running the same campaign they ran in 2004. The Liberals are of course hoping that these ads will scare Canadians away from Harper as Liberal attack ads did the last time. But like I said, this is not the campaign of 2004, and Harper has run a near flawless campaign this time around. Martin, in comparison, has run the most disastrous federal election campaign in Canada since 1993. It's been one gaffe after another for the Martinites, and the stress of this unmitigated Liberal disaster shows in Martin's face every time he's on camera. Take a look at any candid shot of Martin during this election and you can easily see that he looks haggard and tired - the stress of this campaign is clearly taking its toll on him.

Harper, in comparison, comes across as - dare I say - Prime Ministerial? He's cool and calm and he refuses to bite at any lures the Liberals throw his way. He has shown Canadians that the Conservative Party is an incredible alternative to the 12 long and dark years of Liberal arrogance and corruption Canada has been forced to endure.

But back to these ads. They truly are laughable, and Canadians aren't going to swallow them this time around. Coupled with the fact that they're actually terrible, they don't resonate with Canadians who, by and large, don't see Harper as a scary bogey-man anymore. Canadians are comfortable with a switch to a right-of-centre government under Harper. They realize that he's not going to be a puppet of the United States Government as the Liberals have claimed, but rather someone who is going to repair our relations with the United States while "Standing Up For Canada" when it is required. When Canadians see these ads, they contrast them with the positive policy-based Conservative campaign and the Liberals just end up looking like the fear-mongering has-beens that they are.

My favorite ad is by far the one that Mike Duffy tore John Duffy a new one over. I am of course referring to the one that suggests our military forces would essentially rape and pillage Canadian cities. It's almost hypnotic - the woman's voice repeating over and over again, "Canadian cities...soldiers with guns...in our Cities...In Canada..." mixed with a war-call drum beat. It is indeed 1984 and that voice is the voice of evil and deceit; it cannot be believed. "Canadian cities...soldiers with guns...in our Cities...In Canada...". The drums beat on and on and you can no longer believe in the drums, or the voice. They have no meaning any more. The system must be brought down and a new one must rise to take it's place.

You start to laugh when they throw on the tagline, "we did not make this up," and I myself half expect John Duffy to burst out saying, "Honest! No really - we didn't! You gotta believe us this time!"

It's not like we needed the military vote, but this ad is just so damaging to the Liberals - if there's one no-no, it's equating the brave men and women who put on the Uniform of Canada with some sort of Mongol Horde. Come on Liberals, what were you guys drinking when you came up with this stuff? Aftershave?

These ads just come across as desperate - and the fact that the Liberals made twelve of them really makes that shine through. Nothing says "Please don't throw me out of office" like ad overkill. They've truly hit rock bottom now - they've wasted the whole campaign hoping Harper would self-destruct for them and now, only too late do they realize that this is the end for them. There will be no last minute voter swing like there was in the last election. Not this time.

I've avoided saying it on Uncommon Truths thus far, but I've openly discussed with friends that I strongly believe we may all wake up to a Conservative majority government on January 24th, 2006. I'm fully aware of the fact that there are still two weeks left in this campaign and that literally anything could happen in that time. After all, all it takes right now is just one gaffe to stop the Conservative momentum, one cocky party member spouting off some arrogant crap about a majority government agenda or some fool making some heavy right-wing commentary. One gaffe. One. And for that reason I haven't made any predictions so far, but seeing as how the current situation finally seems to justify my predictions, I'm going to place my cards on the table for you here tonight. I predict either a strong minority government or a majority government for the Conservatives. God knows we need a majority, because as I've mentioned before, a minority government situation for the Conservatives is fundamentally untenable.

And there you go. I'd advise all Blogging Tories to be careful with what you say in the next two weeks, because the Liberals will be looking everywhere for anything they can get their hands on to nail the Conservatives with - and as we've seen already in this election, blogs can cause serious trouble.

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The liberals are a party of theives,corruption and tired dog shit policies that bank on the populace being stupid and naivbe and trusting their government...wake up canada, the Liberals will be your downfall..with an imbecile like Martin at the helm.. Captain bullshit at your service..!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:50 p.m.