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Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Evening Link Round-Up

A few things you might be interested in checking out:

Harper Says Most Journalists are 'left-of-centre':
"When we first started doing this and were doing this, the majority of journalists loved it," he says. "But of course, the problem was that we were getting our message out and a small number of ideologues didn't like that. So they've now basically forbidden all of their colleagues to ask questions, which I think is a fascinating use of press freedom when a small number of journalists can tell others they can't ask questions at a press conference. But that's the position of the left-wing ideologues who are apparently running the show."
Canadians fear getting stuck with fake bills:
Just ask WK (June 26).
Ward Churchill's Career is Going the Way of the Dodo:
Churchill claims a 'Kangaroo Court' is responsible for his dismissal. I reccommend he ask OSU Mansfield librarian Scott Savage what a real kangaroo court looks like.
Tony Snow, on the New York Times and its 'disgraceful' behaviour:
Over the weekend, Vice President Cheney stated that The New York Times' scoop (shared with the Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal) on bank records surveillance offended him. A leading Republican called for a criminal probe. President Bush today termed it "disgraceful.
Rempelia Prime:
For no other reason than I'm so glad you're back (and with a swanky looking new site to boot!).
I swear this post has nothing to do with me being lazy. Really.

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