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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bloody Marvelous!

Did you get the reference?

Despite all the cries of "Canada isn't doing enough for Canadians in Lebanon" from the opposition, Peter McKay (stand up guy that he is) has seen to it that a fleet of six cruise ships has been chartered to ferry Canadians out of the danger zone. In addition, Canada has three planes arranged to fly Canadians out of Lebanon via Cyprus.

Inaction was a hallmark of the previous Liberal government. Perhaps what Dan McTeague doesn't care to tell Canadians is that it takes time to get the logistics worked out for an evacuation of up to 20,000 people (maybe he hoped we wouldn't pick up on that).

Perhaps if Mr. McTeague's party had not seen fit to gut the Canadian Armed Forces over the past thirteen years, military transport ships would already be on their way to the Middle East.

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