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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Haven't I Seen This Movie Before?

While Mexican politics aren't a staple feature of this blog, I thought you'd like to know what the outcome of the recent Mexican election was:

MEXICO CITY - The ruling party‘s Felipe Calderon won the official count in Mexico‘s disputed presidential race Thursday, the culmination of a come-from-behind campaign for the stiff technocrat. But his leftist rival also declared victory and said he‘d fight the election in court.

With all of the 41 million votes counted, Calderon of President Vicente Fox ‘s National Action Party had 35.88 percent to 35.31 percent for Lopez Obrador, of the Democratic Revolution Party. The two were separated by about 220,000 votes. AP

A leftist candidate refuses to accept the legitimate outcome of a close vote and vows at the same time to fight it in court? Sounds vaguely familiar...

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