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Monday, July 31, 2006

Justin Trudeau Has Shocked Me

And pleasantly so, at that.

The National Post is no longer distributed in my area - an injurious reality, as one of the few delights of my university was the free National Post I used to get every morning. Luckily they can still be purchased at the airport, something I always make a point of doing whenever I'm meeting or saying goodbye to someone. If you get a chance, check out today's Avenue section (page AL8), which has a feature on the new CBC series "The Great War," starring - wait for it - Justin Trudeau. I'd comment on the CBC's obsession with the Trudeaus (they need to let go and start the healing process) but it's been done before and isn't really that relevant to my story.

In any event, I was quite surprised to come across this comment, made by the eldest Trudeau son:
"People are confused about our role in the war in Afghanistan. They say we are not a military power. To say that is to disregard and to forget the sacrifices many of our grandparents made in World War I and II."
Justin Trudeau praising our military heritage? I read it again. Yup, he really said that.

Hook old Pierre up to a generator, I'm sure the spinning could power Toronto for a year.

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