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Friday, July 21, 2006

A Letter to Mr. Ahmadinejad

It's comments like this that make my day:

Dearest Mr. Ahmadinejad,
Thank you for thoughtful and insightful letter regarding the world's problems. You are such a funny, raving lunatic you almost make our late Fuehrer look sane. It's truly a shame that the proud Iranian people have elected a rabid dog as their leader. Yes, you can do a great deal to solve the world's problems and I suggest you do it very soon: crawl into a bunker as your late great hero Adolf did, and blow your brains out. You will have done mankind a great service and you will be remembered in history for it, as Adolf was. Thanks again for your interesting comments. I shall refer it immediately to our sanitation ministry for proper disposal.
Warmest regards,
with help from Greg in Texas

See more of the like here. H/T to SDA!

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