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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Stephen Harper Says What We're All Thinking

Heck, I was annoyed when the press made that comparison, I can only imagine how he felt:

RD: Are there comparisons that offend you?

Harper: Yes. The Bush comparisons offend me. And not because I have any kind of personal dislike of George W. Bush. I don’t. It’s that the comparisons generally are not thoughtful. Bush has SUVs in his motorcade, and I have SUVs in my motorcade—“Ha ha, he’s just like George Bush.” Well, of course, this is actually the decision of the RCMP, and I’m sure George Bush didn’t pick out the cars in his own motorcade either. That kind of thing bothers me because it’s just a stereotype designed for polemical purposes.

You can bet if Martha Stewart was our Prime Minister she'd have picked out her SUV's. And probably braised them in a nice Chianti too.

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