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Sunday, August 06, 2006

4 To 1, Double or Nothing.

Old News, but Good news; This sort of stuff should bring a smile to the face of every proud Tory in Canada. It's interesting to see that the MSM has finally picked up on it.

It would appear that Conservative fundraising efforts have outpaced those of the Liberals by about 4 to 1. Additionally (and here's the kicker), the Conservatives nearly doubled the amount of all other party fundraising combined, including The Green Party.

The Conservatives raised $4,018,952.00, compared with:

  • $1,194,517.65 for the Liberals
  • 734,642.42 for the NDP
  • 193,808.12 for the Green Party and
  • 27,566.96 for the Bloc.
Even more interesting is the breakdown of the number of voters, and the average contribution made by each.
  • The Conservatives had a whopping 37,871 contributors, each of whom made an average donation of $106.12.
  • The Liberals, in comparison, had a 'paltry' 8,041 contributors with an average donation of 148.55.

I will leave you with the link to draw your own conclusions about the data, but it is interesting to see that the average donation to the Liberal party was a fair bit larger than the average contribution to the Conservative party (with a smaller base, to boot; If you're familiar with the phrase 'Champagne Socialism', you're probably not surprised by this).

It makes you wonder how conservativism in Canada ever became viewed as a movement driven by the agendas of plutocrats, as opposed to the ideals held by ordinary, middle-class Canadians.

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