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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bill Graham Uses AIDS Victims to Score Political Points

The Federal government announced today that AIDS related policy announcements have been postponed because the issue has become too politicized. Bill Graham, however, was quick on the draw to twist Health Minister Tony Clement's words into something horrific. Take a look at the original statement:

"The government of Canada is strongly committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS and continues to commit a significant amount of money to this issue," spokesman Erik Waddell said in an e-mail statement Thursday. "Our government is committed to doing more in the future. However, there are no announcements this week while the issue is so politicized."

Sounds reasonable, right? Now take a look at Bill Graham's statement:

"I understand that the prime minister has now said he is not going to come because the conference has been politicized," he added. "It’s like blaming the victim but unfortunately the victim in this case is people dying of HIV around the world."
The twist here was that while Clement said he would only be delaying policy announcements, Graham twisted the statement to say that Harper wasn't going to come to the conference because of the politics at work here. In doing so, Graham shows us that his game plan is to simply lie appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to gain some votes. For the Liberals, politics is the art of hoping you're not paying attention.

In addition, Graham's disgusting use of AIDS patients in the second sentence to score cheap political points is shameful. AIDS is a full blown epidemic is Sub-saharan Africa and it affects millions of people worldwide. For Graham to say that the government is completely indifferent to the plight of those dying from AIDS is simply outrageous, and he should apologize immediately.

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