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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Canada's New Government Nixes Drug Program

The federal Tories have decided that the controversial Medical Marijuana Research Program has long past overstayed it's welcome with Canadian taxpayers, and axed it. According to government sources, savings from the program will amount to four million dollars over a two year period.


No word yet on the impact this move will have on the domestic munchies industry (stay tuned).


(Sorry for the delay in posting, this would have been up last night but Blogger was on a trip...)

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Execs at the CBC

Must be scared shitless, because that's one hell of a positive headline. Does someone think they're next?

Friday, September 22, 2006

An Excellent Opportunity

Memorial University of Newfoundland will be hosting a lecture and question session by Canada's Ambassador to Afghanistan, Mr. David Sproule. Mr. Sproule has been involved with Foreign Affairs Canada since 1981 and has held numerous positions since then, including Canada's High Commissioner to Bangladesh and Counsellor at the Canadian Embassy in Washington.
This event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our current mission in Afghanistan, as well as to have a few of your questions answered. There will likely be media coverage, so the presence of a few conservatives asking some important questions would go a long way in reminding the public why we are there. Especially because, you know, these kinds of people will be there for sure. So if you're in St. John's this monday, come on out for an informative evening.
According to MUN, "Seating will be limited; those with reserved seats will be given priority. If you would like to reserve a seat, contact Susan Vaughan, svaughan@mun.ca, prior to 10 a.m. on Monday, September 25."

Byzantine Emperor Apologizes to Muslims For Quote

The People's Cube offers a moment of clarity. Or was that 'hilarity'? Here's your moment of zen.

In the view of some historians, the Pope's recent apology to enraged Muslims over use of a quote written by Manuel II Palaeologus in 1391 bears a striking similarity with a similar apology delivered more than 600 years ago by Manuel II Palaeologus himself to offended Muslim armies after they ransacked his Christian country, converted its citizens to Islam, and beheaded or enslaved those who resisted the forced conversions. In a public speech made shortly after the quote first appeared in Muslim press, Manuel II apologized to the Islamic community that besieged his controversial "Byzantine entity," the term used to describe the Greek-speaking Roman Empire of the Middle Ages, centered at its capital in Constantinople (now Istanbul). "I hope," said Manuel II, who was also known as a writer, poet and theologian, "that my apology will appease hearts and clarify the true meaning of my address, which was an invitation to a rational dialogue, with great mutual respect."

"In my seventh dialogue with an imaginary Islamic scholar," the learned Byzantine ruler continued as he evaded occasional critical arrows flying from the surrounding hordes, "I referred to the Koran's teachings about spreading the faith by the sword. And this, I said, could not come from God because violence is the opposite of reason, and God himself cannot act contrary to reason. But your passionate criticism has proven to me that there is, indeed, nothing evil or inhuman in spreading the faith by violent means, and that beheadings of non-believers and terrorizing communities in the name of religion are all signs of perfectly rational behavior and wonderful mental health."

"Taking quotes out of context is similarly a magnificent example of a reasonable dialogue from which we all should learn," Manuel II said, adding that the recent slaughters of thousands of his Christian subjects by the Muslim sword were the result of his own blindness to the true peaceful nature of Islam. "We can only hope that their sacrifice will help build real fraternity among us," he said, "so that all Muslims and Christians can learn to live with reciprocal respect of everyone's religious convictions, and that some 600 years from now conflicts and misunderstandings like this would be a thing of the past."

h/t Kathy at SDA

Even Hippos Support our Troops!

It's True!

I always suspected they had a noble streak in them.

Congratulations, Kofi

There's a reason why you're not supposed to negotiate with terrorists:

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah told supporters Friday that his guerrillas will not surrender their weapons until a stronger Lebanese government is in place - including 20,000 rockets his group claims to still have after its 34-day war with Israel...Nasrallah also vowed not to allow U.N. peacekeepers and Lebanese troops to disarm Hezbollah militants in the south.

"No army in the world will be able to make us drop the weapons from our hands," he said.

Who'da thunk a terorist organization would be so unreasonable? I for one am absolutely shocked at this outstandingly surprising turn of events!

(I wonder if Sue Kelland-Dyer finds that frightening?)

Photo Friday

What a beautiful shot!

Two Rallies

Rona Ambrose: Politcal Alchemist

This looks outstanding, especially since Joe Average (and everyone else for that matter) have heard precious little about the Conservative environmental plan so far. The myth that "conservatives are bad for the environment" just took a nice hard shot in the kidneys. Ouch!

The great thing is that now whenever I hear a half-wit at my university saying that conservatives 'like their women in the kitchen,' I have something to reply with: Yes we do. Baking a Majority Government.

It's Friday, I'm Tickled Red

Between President Hamid Karzai's visit, Prime Minister Harper's speech, and the massive rally of support for our troops on Parliament hill today, I'm in an outstanding mood.

The rally shows Canada just how much support there really is for our troops and for our mission in Afghanistan, and is a firm blow to those who would call our noble mission "increasingly unpopular" in the pursuit of political gain. Today, our very own eyes tell us otherwise.

President Karzai's visit also reinforces the importance of the Afghan mission. His very presence solidifies the international credibility of our new government and Prime Minister, and brings home the reality of Afghanistan to the Canadian people. It's all well and good to talk about what we're doing "over there," but "over there" is a concept, a reality far removed from every day Canadian life. Karzai's presence reminds people that Afghanistan is quite real, and that its people are in grave need of our help. Canadians are good people - when confronted with this reality, they will not turn away.

Finally - forgive my puerility, but may I also comment on the state of my delight when I heard that Karzai refused to meet with Jack Layton. Ouch. I'll bet that smarts.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is Outstanding

- UPDATE - Maybe the Democrats are just boosting their patriotic credentials. Who knows.

Rep. Charlie Rangel slammed Hugo Chavez at a news conference today (video), saying that Chavez had offended all Americans by viciously insulting President Bush while on American soil.

"...You don't come into my country, you don't come into my congressional district, and you don't condemn my president. If there is any criticism of President Bush, it should be restricted to Americans, whether they voted for him or not. And I just want to make it abundantly clear to Hugo Chavez or any other president, don't come to the United States and think because we have problems with our president that any foreigner can come to our country and not think that Americans do not feel offended when you offend our Chief of State."

Every now and then I see signs of a growing trend in the west, a rejection of the rigid, politically correct view that other cultures are more valuable than our own. The recognition that our culture has value is one that liberal philosophy has tried to bury for years using the shovel of 'western guilt.' After all, it reasons, look what national pride has turned us into in the past!

The argument that we should not be proud of western culture is fundamentally flawed. Contrary to liberal philosophy, other cultures could learn a lot from us. Western culture is wonderful and vibrant. It is full of unique freedoms that are found nowhere else in the world. Our culture values the inclusion of all, respect for the individual and respect for the rule of law. We have a free press (whether we like them or not) and we are free to live life in any way that we choose. We cannot be thrown in jail for our sexuality or for our religion. Our laws are based on the twin principles of fairness and logic. In times of war, what other world governments warn innocent civilians to leave an area before it becomes dangerous for them? What other society demonstrates such care for innocent life?

Certainly not the society of Hugo Chavez, who has clamped down hard on dissent and journalistic freedom. All is not well in Venezuela, despite what he would have us believe.

Chavez demonstrated an unbelievable lack of tact and respect when he brazenly traipsed into the United States to insult its head of state yesterday, and I applaud Charlie Rangel for his response - even though I believe Chavez is in no position to criticize America or Americans period.

It's about time the west grew a backbone and struck back.

H/T to Drudge.

Goodbye Thai Democracy

This isn't Plamegate

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm No General...

But why on earth didn't NATO Forces close the gap and encircle Taliban Forces in Operation Medusa?

Every map I've seen of the battle plan for Medusa shows two parallel arms moving towards each other in a vise, with Taliban forces in the centre and a third arm of Nato troops on one side of the vise. However, Taliban forces could escape by running the gauntlet to the other side of the formation. Evidently enough did, as a US commander confirms that the offensive ended on September 15 when Taliban forces slipped away.

What I want to know is: why weren't Taliban forces encircled in a pocket? Apparently, NATO forces still killed a lot of them - but could they have finished off more? Or am I mistaken about the nature of the battle plan?

Just wondering.

My Apologies

To you all for the apparent "spamming" of one of my posts on the main page. Blogger was obviously feeling quite ill and it seems to have tossed its cookies all over the aggregator. Ick.

Agca Warns Pope Not To Visit Turkey

An Italian newspaper published a letter written by Mehmet Ali Agca today, in which Agca warned Benedict that his life would be in danger if he visited Turkey:

In his two page letter to leading Italian Rome based daily La Repubblica, Agca, who was a member of the Turkish terrorist cell the White Wolves, wrote: "Pope Ratzinger listen to someone who knows these things very well."

"Your life is in danger. You absolutely must not come to Turkey."

I don't think a visit to Turkey is the best idea at this point. Far better for Benedict to wait until the waters calm, and then make a grandiose visit with the intent of reconciliation.

As much as it horrifies me, I have to agree with the would-be assassin: the Pope's life will be in grave danger if he makes this trip.

Agca also shows that, after all these years, he still has a few screws loose:

Pope Benedict you must know that between 1980 and 2000 I was in contact with various Western intelligence services and with the Vatican.In those twenty tears I learnt many things and I came into possession of many classified secrets."

The letter closed with Agca imploring Pope Benedict to resign for his own safety he wrote: "For your own welfare you must make a grand gesture of honour and resign.

"Then you must return to your native land (Germany) and in your place an Italian cardinal can be elected Pope, possibly (cardinal Dionigi) Tettamanzi or (cardinal Tarcisio) Bertone.


Wednesday Afternoon Two of a Kind

A picture says a thousand words.

Unfortunately, this one was an advertisment for Noam Chomsky, courtesy of the AP.

Fairweather Canadians

Garth Turner irritates me sometimes. Politicans can follow their own hearts (or polling-based values of convenience) down south, but here in Canada party cohesion is what matters right now.

Nonetheless, when you're right, you're right. And today, Garth Turner is right about the 7,000 or so Lebanese who hitched a free ride out of a war zone on our tab, only to go right back to their real homes when the shooting stopped. Some of these people were the very ones criticizing Canada for its supposedly "slow response" in removing them from their home country.

Check also for a little nugget of comedy regarding Garth's ego:

"PMSH has said the Lebanon experience has underscored the need to review dual citizenship, and I appreciate his support."

I for one am glad that the Prime Minister has finally come out in support for Garth's five priorities for Canada. It's about damn time he got onboard the Garth Train.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Your Mouth Says No, No, But Your Eyes Say Yes

I'd be more willing to listen to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if he wasn't lying through his beard:

The Iranian leader also had harsh words about U.S. efforts in Iraq, saying "the occupiers are incapable of establishing security in Iraq" and every day hundreds of people get killed "in cold blood."

Ahmadinejad claimed that numerous terrorists apprehended by the Iraqi government were "let loose under various pretexts by the occupiers."

"It seems that intensification of hostilities and terrorism serves as a pretext for the continued presence of foreign forces in Iraq," he said. *

It'd be easier to believe him if he wasn't kind of behind it all in the first place.

Monday, September 18, 2006

I Lead an Interesting Life

I'll say very little about what happened to me last night, suffice to say that you shouldn't read a textbook on invertebrates (specifically, the photo section on spiders) before you go to sleep. You also shouldn't do this while taking medication for the debilitating flu you have. Because you might sort of wake up and think, in your medicated hallucinatory half-dream state, that you see an enormous Wolf Spider (NOT FOR THE JUMPY) preparing to jump at your face. And you also might, in your haste to get away from this terrifying hallucination, smack your face off a bedpost, causing a deep cut that requires steri-strips to close.

The irony is, I spent all this weekend doing an advanced first aid course.

That's it. No more invertebrates before bedtime.

Layton Fiddles While Afghanistan Burns

The leader of the NDP, following his ideological proclivities over his common sense (it has yet to be shown whether or not he actually has any), insists that we must pull out of Afghanistan entirely. His argument is simplistic. He claims that the nature of the mission in Afghanistan has changed and that we shouldn't be fighting men who beat women senseless for showing the skin of their ankles.

For a man who says he holds human rights in the highest respect, his belief that we should leave women and children to their oppressors is unbelievably hypocritical. The very groups Layton says he wants to protect - women, children, religious minorities, gays and lesbians - will be the ones most at risk if the Taliban re-take Afghanistan.

There is a term for Layton's selfish sacrifice of his supposedly most sacred principles: political prostitution.

And so Jack continues to claim that we shouldn't be at war. According to him, we should be negotiating with the murderers, rapists, and thugs who have oppressed an entire nation and murdered our men and women in uniform. We should be handing out candy and singing kumbayah, not making war.

Well Jack, we're doing both. And today, Canadian soldiers in Panjwai who were handing out candy to a crowd of children were attacked by a suicide bomber, who killed four of our soldiers and wounded at least 25 children. They were kids, Jack. Kids. Picture little Canadian boys and girls, maimed for life by a madman with a bomb strapped to his chest. Do you want to negotiate with this man? Or do you want to make him pay?

It all comes down to this. Have you ever had a co-worker who somehow always managed to bother you while you were trying to do your work? You know, that annoying guy who always hangs out at your cubicle and wants to talk about the game last night while you're frantically trying to finish up something for the day? It's pretty hard to do your job when he's around, isn't it?

Now picture that instead of talking about last night's game, this co-worker is shooting and tossing grenades at you. I think you'll find it's pretty hard to do your job in these circumstances. Yet Mr. Layton insists that this is what he wants Canadian soldiers to do. The obvious impossibility of his position is clear.

Nation building is our goal in Afghanistan. But we cannot build a free and stable democracy in Afghanistan while the Taliban remains a viable threat to peace in the country. Mr. Layton would prefer that we shy away from defeating our enemies and simply hand out candy to kids full-time.

Today's attack is proof that Jack Layton's plan will not work. Let's not let this man get away with putting our troops in danger again.

Now Why Does This Sound Familiar?

Hard Times breed Hard Hearts:

"BERLIN, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- A neo-Nazi party has embarrassed the German government by winning parliamentary seats in Chancellor Angela Merkel's home state.

The racist National Democratic Party, or NPD, took 6.4 percent of the ballot in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where Merkel started her political career and to this day keeps her constituency.

In the poor eastern parts of the state, where unemployment exceeds 25 percent, the NPD was strongest -- up to 15 percent voted for the neo-Nazis, many of them young and first-time voters."


How quickly we forget. Read more here.

H/T to National Newswatch.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pragmatism: Not Just a Mindset, a Good Idea

I'll try to finish this post, but the Flu just might get the better of me today (surely it is a treacherous liberal invention!)

A lot of people are carping on Pope Benedict for 'apologizing' to raging Islamic madmen worldwide for completely innocuous (and true) comments made not long ago in a speech in Germany. Before you people start thinking Benedict has a hidden yellow stripe under that robe, there's a few things you need to keep in mind.

Muslim peoples in the developing world aren't happy campers (in case you've forgotten). Religious fanaticism combined with a massive collective chip on their shoulders over perceived slights and systemic oppression (largely by their own totalitarian governments) have created a culture of people who aren't very happy and are very easily set off. By anything. All they need is an excuse to get some of this pent-up rage out of their systems. When they get one? Look out.

That being said, there is no way to satisfy the childish anger of these people. Your only option is to ride out the storm and hope to minimize the trouble along the way. Some of my colleagues in the blogosphere would much rather have preferred Benedict stood up and said "F*** you and your bullshit too." Understandably, the Pope was not going to do this.

Instead, Benedict took the most pragmatic course of action: he expressed his regret that the remarks caused offence, but he did not admit to any wrongdoing, as he had committed none. Doing this takes a large portion of the wind out of the sails of muslim fanatics, as it calms the waters and shortens the life-span of this story in the international media. Out of sight, out of mind.

If Benedict had have gone ahead and remained defiant in the face of these fanatics (as my Catholic pride longed for), things would have gotten very bad very quickly. The simple and sad truth is, more people would die. Benedict was wise to nip this ridiculous and unreasonable muslim response in the bud, any way he could.

So I do think the Pope made a wise decision. However, while Benedict's mouth is bound by the responsibilities of his office, mine is not. To all the Islamofacist terrorists out there who forgot their place and had the audacity to threaten the spiritual leader of my faith with death: Stew in it, you violent animals.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I Think I've Bested Darcey's "Beer Cannon" With This One

Holy Crap. Holy Crap. Holy. Crap.

Conservative politics and U2 are my two joys in this world. Someone out there found a way to combine them both.

Heroic Story du Jour

He thought he'd be able to hit on her, but in the end she left him breathless!

* (Link fixed)

(H/T to SDA!)

Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies...

- UPDATE1 - This has to be said: Go to Hell, lunatic mobs.

- UPDAT-E2 - The first of the Christian Dhimmis speaks up, to criticize the Pope:

In a first reaction from a top Christian leader, the head of Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church criticized the pope. "Any remarks which offend Islam and Muslims are against the teachings of Christ," Coptic Pope Shenouda III was quoted as telling the pro-government newspaper Al- Ahram."


When it comes to Pope Benedict's recent speech, the hypocrisy of some Islamic clerics is breathtaking. The Crusades were a necessary European political response to violent Islamic aggression and expansion, and yet Ali Bardakoglu, "head of Turkey's powerful Religious Affairs Directorate," frames the Crusades as an attack on innocent Muslims who were, of course, minding their own business (oh, the severed infidel head? It was a gift from a friend - honest!).

The audacity of this cleric to condemn Christian leaders for supposedly having an agenda of holy war is so breathtakingly and unbelievably hypocritical, I'm left speechless. Although it's not mentioned in the article, this cleric also accused western Christians of having a "medieval mentality."

And this guy actually suggests that we should look at ourselves in the mirror.

Read the rest for yourselves here, if you can stomach it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

On Pope Benedict's Speech

Read the full text of the speech here.

As a Catholic myself, I feel obligated to weigh in on the recent tensions generated by remarks made in a speech at the University of Regensburg by Pope Benedict XVI. This speech was not a clarion call to warn the west of Islamic Fundamentalism, a brand of Islam that has yet to be touched by the enlightenment. Regardless of what you will read, the speech focuses on two main topics: the integration of reason and logic with faith and how it leads to a deeper understanding of the mind and heart of God, and that dialogue between religions is impossible without the presence of reason.

Benedict did, however, use radical Islam as an example of the necessity of incorporating logic and reason with one's faith. Christianity's troubling past indescretions are a result of straying from the teachings of Christ: to love one's neighbour as one's self. But they are also a result of failing to incorporate reason with one's faith.

The very same muslim groups that call for death and violence against Jews and Christians hypocritically preach about the need for the Pope to excercise "tolerance and respect" for Islam. Consider a resolution passed by the Pakistani Parliament, a puppet institution under the heel of dictator General Pervez Musharraf:

"The derogatory remarks of the Pope about the philosophy of jihad and Prophet Mohammed have injured sentiments across the Muslim world and pose the danger of spreading acrimony among the religions..."

Yet this very same parliament was curiously silent when the very birthplace of Jesus Christ was occupied by Palestinian Terrorists, who, in accordance with their respect for "people of the book," defecated all over the Church of the Nativity and left it in a wreck (the shooting and killing of terrorists on and inside of the Church Grounds by the Israeli military is also a deplorable sacrilege). And yet, what was the Christian worldwide response? Bombings, beheadings and fiery riots? Certainly not.

However, when Benedict used radical Islam as a passing example of what happens when faith is not imbued with reason in a speech three days ago, he put his very life at risk. The Muslim response to a speech by the Holy Father in which he called for reason and dialogue between the Islamic and Christian faiths has been anger, tension, and fears of violence. Does this not prove that Benedict is right?

Islam's current troubles with radical fundamentalism are an echo of the troubles Christianity has conquered since the enlightenment. The sectarian violence is the same, as is the lack of reason and lack of adherence to the tenets of the faith. Islam is undergoing pangs that Christianity has long since solved. We in the west are now forced to deal with the fallout.

The politically correct line is that "Islam is a religion of peace." Others have labelled it a "death cult." I don't prefer to follow either, because I simply don't believe that either is wholly true. Can one say sixteenth century Christianity was a religion of peace? The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre alone is evidence to argue that this was not so. Yet despite this and other abberations, the tenets of Christianity are peace and love. The problem was that its followers at the time had paid no attention to that most high of God's commandments: do as I have done for you. The hard reality is that while Christianity is truly about peace and love, its sixteenth century followers had made their faith into a vile lie by their hypocritical actions.

And so we find Islam today: a religion that (as we are continually told) advocates peace - yet so many of its followers have made this into a lie. Until Islam solves its internal strife by imbuing faith with reason; until it looks to dialogue as the solution to its growing pains, its radical followers, hypocrites all, continue to make a lie out of their faith.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

AG Targets Liberals Over Environment File

Surprise! The Liberals mismanaged something again!

OTTAWA — The Auditor-General's Office is poised to release a scathing assessment of Liberal spending programs linked to the Kyoto climate accord. The report is expected to land Sept. 28, within days of the announcement of the Conservative government's environmental plan.

"The content will be extremely critical of how money and programs were handled," said a non-partisan source familiar with some of the report's findings.

The source said the audit's criticisms include actions at Environment Canada when it was led by former minister Stéphane Dion. Mr. Dion is currently campaigning for the leadership of the Liberal Party and has made environmental policy a central part of his platform. He was environment minister from July of 2004 until the government's defeat Jan. 23, 2006.

The Globe and Mail also interviewed John Bennett, an "environmentalist with the Climate Action Network," who said he was concerned that the Conservatives might use this report as an excuse to quash environmental programs. I'd point out to Mr. Bennett that the evidence shows that most of these programs aren't working - so why continue to beat a dead horse?

But maybe John has a point. I mean, just look at the wild success of the One Tonne Challenge!

- Update1 - Oh, what a surprise! Mr. Bennett is also with the Sierra Club of Canada and had this to say of the new government back in April:

John Bennett, a spokesman for the Sierra Club of Canada, accused the new government of beginning “a campaign of stealth destruction” of the programs by allowing funding to lapse.

I think somebody is running a stealth campaign here. But it sure as hell isn't the Tories.

More on John Bennett and his political predilections here (scroll down).

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shooting Victim Dies

- Update1 - The news has been sketchy up until now, but it appears that the woman killed was 22 year old Anastacia DeSousa.

An 18 year old woman has died tonight from injuries sustained during the shooting today at Montreal's Dawson College.

All I can think of at this point is how unncessary and tragic this is. Honestly, what makes some people want to cause death, suffering and harm on another innocent human being for kicks is beyond me.

I get so angry when I think of the fact that some low-life bastard took someone's precious daughter away today because he wasn't feeling appreciated by society, and damn it, someone was going to pay for his hurt little feelings.

Please keep the victims and their families in your prayers tonight. They need it now more than ever.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Comments appear to be down...?

It seems like something's going on with my comments. They've somehow disappeared from the main page, and even when I re-installed them they just disappeared again. Odd. I'm working on it, anyhow.

- UPDATE1 - And now they're back again. Sigh...

- UPDATE2 - Yep, I think Halsoscan has gas. This should only be temporary, I think.

Do Your Duty!

And sign this petition! Some silly old putz over at liblogs is suggesting that we change our name to "the blogging whories," and has created an online petition towards achieving that very goal. I know, I know, it lacks the style and class that we all currently exude from our very pores. But what do you expect? It was created by a liberal. So sign away! (I'm signature number 25!)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Reason I Dislike University

...Aside from showing up for a class yesterday and finding out that the prof cancelled the entire course two days before the start of the semester, that is.

My apologies to you all if, on occasion, my posts look 'unformatted.' At home I use Firefox, but my university uses Internet Explorer on all of its computers. This has the unfortunate consequence of disjointing sentences formatted using Blogger's "quote" function whenever I write a post here at the university - at least that's how it appears to me, anyhow. If you're using IE, I'm sorry. I have absolutely no idea why it does this or how to fix it.

Harper 1, Senate 0

It was smackdown time yesterday in the Senate:

The PM said a refusal by the Senate to pass Bill S-4 -- which would no longer allow senators to keep their seats until they are 75 -- would send a message to Canadians. "It would indicate the Senate could not participate in this reform and there would be political repercussions," he said. Liberal Sen. Jim Munson quickly took issue with the remark.
"There are critics that believe you would like nothing better than to fight an election on the backs of the Senate," he said. "Don't give me the opportunity," Harper responded.

Oh how I do enjoy a good round of verbal terpsichory.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

"From The Desk of Mahmoud," Part III in a Continuing Series...



From the Desk of Mahmoud:

That's Called a Teaser, By the Way

Later on today, I'll have another installment in our award-winnning series, "From the Desk of Mahmoud" ready for you. Can't you just taste the excitement?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Kill the Bastards!"

I'm listening to John Ghormley Live, and Jack Layton just got nailed. Some guy just called in to say, "These people don't even let women go to school, and you want to negotiate with them? Kill the bastards!"

I think I have a new best friend.

I Like This

Canada's New Government.

Is it partisan? Yes.

Would I bitch and moan about it if the Liberals did it? Yes.

Do I love it nonetheless? Oh hell yes. Get used to it, folks. We're here to stay.

Support Our Terrorists!

Or troops. Whatever.

Because with the NDP, you know, the terms are interchangable.

Now, excuse me while I go vomit.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Big Canada"?

Or "Big Government?" Ken Dryden can't tell the difference.

H/T to National Newswatch.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey - Farewell to an Icon

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed in Cairns today while filming an underwater documentary - by a stingray barb through the heart.

I wish I was making this up.

Irwin, a world-renowned wildlife icon, also actively supported the government of Australian Prime Minister John Howard during his life. He will be missed by millions around the world.

Tonight, we'll drink to you and yours. Rest in Peace, Crocodile Hunter.

H/T to Drudge.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Conflicting Numbers?

The linked article says three Canadian Soldiers were killed, but the headline on the front page says otherwise.

so....which is it?

UPDATE1: It looks like it's now four, the article has been changed. I guess I caught them in the midst of the change.

89 Terrorists, 4 Canadian Soldiers Killed

UPDATE1: It seems the number of dead is unfortunately now four.

"I am saddened to announce that four Canadian soldiers were killed in today's operations and a number of others were wounded," said Brig. Gen. David Fraser at a press briefing.

"All but one of the wounded are expected to return to their duties within the next few days." CTV

Those who defend our freedom have again paid the ultimate price so that innocent people worldwide can do something as basic as live in peace. Three Canadian soldiers were killed today fighting in Afghanistan.
Three Canadian soldiers were killed and six were wounded during a major NATO offensive in the volatile district of southern Afghanistan on Sunday, said an Afghan Defence Ministry spokesperson. Zahir Azimiaid also told Reuters news agency that up to 89 insurgents had been killed in fighting, following a major air and ground offensive by NATO and Afghan forces in Kandahar province that began Saturday. CTV
It is important to remember that regardless of the casualties that we suffer, we are making real progress alongside our NATO allies in transforming Afghanistan into a peaceful and democratic society, one that respects human rights and the rule of law. It is a terrible thing that young men and women should have to fight and die against terrorists who simply refuse to contribute to making the world a peaceful place. We did not choose it to be this way. But we must carry on in spite of it.

Tragic as their deaths are, we should stand firm against the chorus of ill-informed bleating from the left. This battle is an enormous victory, not a defeat. Preliminary reports indicate that we've killed at least 89 terrorists who would have otherwise spread death and misery onto innocent Afghanis. This also means that we've inflicted thirty times more casualties upon them than they have on us, and that's without even knowing the numbers of their wounded.

Most of all we should be proud for the contribution our great nation is making towards peace and security for the world. And we should be grateful to those who have so willingly paid the ultimate price for it.