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Sunday, September 03, 2006

89 Terrorists, 4 Canadian Soldiers Killed

UPDATE1: It seems the number of dead is unfortunately now four.

"I am saddened to announce that four Canadian soldiers were killed in today's operations and a number of others were wounded," said Brig. Gen. David Fraser at a press briefing.

"All but one of the wounded are expected to return to their duties within the next few days." CTV

Those who defend our freedom have again paid the ultimate price so that innocent people worldwide can do something as basic as live in peace. Three Canadian soldiers were killed today fighting in Afghanistan.
Three Canadian soldiers were killed and six were wounded during a major NATO offensive in the volatile district of southern Afghanistan on Sunday, said an Afghan Defence Ministry spokesperson. Zahir Azimiaid also told Reuters news agency that up to 89 insurgents had been killed in fighting, following a major air and ground offensive by NATO and Afghan forces in Kandahar province that began Saturday. CTV
It is important to remember that regardless of the casualties that we suffer, we are making real progress alongside our NATO allies in transforming Afghanistan into a peaceful and democratic society, one that respects human rights and the rule of law. It is a terrible thing that young men and women should have to fight and die against terrorists who simply refuse to contribute to making the world a peaceful place. We did not choose it to be this way. But we must carry on in spite of it.

Tragic as their deaths are, we should stand firm against the chorus of ill-informed bleating from the left. This battle is an enormous victory, not a defeat. Preliminary reports indicate that we've killed at least 89 terrorists who would have otherwise spread death and misery onto innocent Afghanis. This also means that we've inflicted thirty times more casualties upon them than they have on us, and that's without even knowing the numbers of their wounded.

Most of all we should be proud for the contribution our great nation is making towards peace and security for the world. And we should be grateful to those who have so willingly paid the ultimate price for it.

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