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Thursday, September 14, 2006

AG Targets Liberals Over Environment File

Surprise! The Liberals mismanaged something again!

OTTAWA — The Auditor-General's Office is poised to release a scathing assessment of Liberal spending programs linked to the Kyoto climate accord. The report is expected to land Sept. 28, within days of the announcement of the Conservative government's environmental plan.

"The content will be extremely critical of how money and programs were handled," said a non-partisan source familiar with some of the report's findings.

The source said the audit's criticisms include actions at Environment Canada when it was led by former minister Stéphane Dion. Mr. Dion is currently campaigning for the leadership of the Liberal Party and has made environmental policy a central part of his platform. He was environment minister from July of 2004 until the government's defeat Jan. 23, 2006.

The Globe and Mail also interviewed John Bennett, an "environmentalist with the Climate Action Network," who said he was concerned that the Conservatives might use this report as an excuse to quash environmental programs. I'd point out to Mr. Bennett that the evidence shows that most of these programs aren't working - so why continue to beat a dead horse?

But maybe John has a point. I mean, just look at the wild success of the One Tonne Challenge!

- Update1 - Oh, what a surprise! Mr. Bennett is also with the Sierra Club of Canada and had this to say of the new government back in April:

John Bennett, a spokesman for the Sierra Club of Canada, accused the new government of beginning “a campaign of stealth destruction” of the programs by allowing funding to lapse.

I think somebody is running a stealth campaign here. But it sure as hell isn't the Tories.

More on John Bennett and his political predilections here (scroll down).

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