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Monday, September 18, 2006

Layton Fiddles While Afghanistan Burns

The leader of the NDP, following his ideological proclivities over his common sense (it has yet to be shown whether or not he actually has any), insists that we must pull out of Afghanistan entirely. His argument is simplistic. He claims that the nature of the mission in Afghanistan has changed and that we shouldn't be fighting men who beat women senseless for showing the skin of their ankles.

For a man who says he holds human rights in the highest respect, his belief that we should leave women and children to their oppressors is unbelievably hypocritical. The very groups Layton says he wants to protect - women, children, religious minorities, gays and lesbians - will be the ones most at risk if the Taliban re-take Afghanistan.

There is a term for Layton's selfish sacrifice of his supposedly most sacred principles: political prostitution.

And so Jack continues to claim that we shouldn't be at war. According to him, we should be negotiating with the murderers, rapists, and thugs who have oppressed an entire nation and murdered our men and women in uniform. We should be handing out candy and singing kumbayah, not making war.

Well Jack, we're doing both. And today, Canadian soldiers in Panjwai who were handing out candy to a crowd of children were attacked by a suicide bomber, who killed four of our soldiers and wounded at least 25 children. They were kids, Jack. Kids. Picture little Canadian boys and girls, maimed for life by a madman with a bomb strapped to his chest. Do you want to negotiate with this man? Or do you want to make him pay?

It all comes down to this. Have you ever had a co-worker who somehow always managed to bother you while you were trying to do your work? You know, that annoying guy who always hangs out at your cubicle and wants to talk about the game last night while you're frantically trying to finish up something for the day? It's pretty hard to do your job when he's around, isn't it?

Now picture that instead of talking about last night's game, this co-worker is shooting and tossing grenades at you. I think you'll find it's pretty hard to do your job in these circumstances. Yet Mr. Layton insists that this is what he wants Canadian soldiers to do. The obvious impossibility of his position is clear.

Nation building is our goal in Afghanistan. But we cannot build a free and stable democracy in Afghanistan while the Taliban remains a viable threat to peace in the country. Mr. Layton would prefer that we shy away from defeating our enemies and simply hand out candy to kids full-time.

Today's attack is proof that Jack Layton's plan will not work. Let's not let this man get away with putting our troops in danger again.

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