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Friday, October 20, 2006

"Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

- EDIT1 - A comment sent to Garth highlights the hypocrisy of his stance on David Emerson and his current predicament:

"I voted for you as a Conservative. Is your ego so big that you can’t get along with the other members of your party? I didn’t vote for you as an independent. You should resign and run again."

Looks like the people of Halton may actually have meant Green Party when they marked a ballot for their Conservative candidate. Of course, it's different when David Emerson did it.


So, if Garth Turner is opposed to switching political parties for "personal gain," how is he going to reconcile a decision to join the Green party, should he do so?

I make no secret of my disdain for Turner, who has all the trappings of a self-infatuated glory hog. His ridiculous claims of being forced to side with his constituents in a conflict between what they want and what his party wants would be a lot more believable were they not so flimsy and constructed. If the Conservatives had tabled a policy that would eliminate thousands of jobs in Turner's riding, that would be a valid reason to stand up for one's constituents and go against the party line. But what has Turner come up with as his hill to die on? A moral objection to a member of parliament leaving one party and joining another - the exact same move Turner may indeed himself make? There's a switch, and believe me, the pun is every bit intended.

Garth likes being the centre of attention. Like a hyperactive child, he knows that the teacher will give him the attention he craves if he misbehaves. I'm loathe to even write this, knowing that this is exactly what Garth wants from people. As we all know, the golden rule for dealing with trolls is that if you ignore them, you take their power away.

Garth, you got sacked because you couldn't keep your mouth shut and follow the golden rule about caucus meetings: what goes on in there stays in there. It's not a difficult concept. Believe me, I know firsthand - when I worked as a summer student for a member of parliament last year, I swore to keep confidential all of the information that passed my way, whether it be the concerns of constituents or information that pertained to discussion in the house. The difference between you and me is that I kept my word and my honour, while you sold out both so you could get called a "maverick" in the Globe one more time while you played for the cameras.

As irritating it is to lose an MP, the Conservatives are better off without this self-aggrandizing buffooon stabbing them in the back 24/7. Good riddance.

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