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Monday, October 02, 2006

I Personally Liked the Canadian Tire Guy

I never quite understood why people hated 'The Canadian Tire Guy.'

Personally, I always liked the guy. Maybe it's because he looks almost exactly like a friend of the family, but I enjoyed those Canadian Tire commercials. Where else could I hear someone extol the glories of the Simoniz Pressure Washer?

Okay, okay, so maybe he was a little annoying. I wonder if Ted Simonett ever gets trash thrown at him as he walks down Toronto's streets. For those of you who share my deep rooted sadness at the loss of this Canadian Icon, take heart; You're not alone.

The rest of you can go here and indulge in a little revenge for all of those 'annoying' commercials!

EDIT: The 'Canadian Tire Guy?' I never hated the character. It's that damn "I'll Start With You" jingle that grinds my gears. - Danté


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