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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"I think we've probably heard the end of it"

I guess they've milked it for all they can now:

While the 'dog' controversy involving MPs Belinda Stronach and Foreign Minister Peter MacKay is regrettable, Speaker Peter Milliken said he now considers the matter closed.

And in making his ruling on Monday, Milliken told the assembled MPs that better decorum in the House of Commons would be welcome. He asked them to "avoid personal attacks on other members, so they do not bring themselves and this House into disrepute."

Milliken said the official record conflicts with unofficial observations as to what was said and gestured back on Oct. 19.....


"The remarks may or may not have been said, but it is not for the speaker to decide where the truth lies," Milliken said. "I regret that the chair can offer no remedy to the House. ... I must now consider the matter closed."

He refused to refer the matter to a committee for further study.

"I think we've probably heard the end of it," The Globe and Mail's Jane Taber told CTV Newsnet. (h/t CTV)

We should have heard the end of it 2 weeks ago. The media has spent an inordinate amount of time over something that should have gone down as a blurb on CTV's running ticker. Had Taber et al. decided to report on some news of actual importance, we might have heard more about the liberal's disasterous and divisive 'Nation' resolution, the fate of the Wheat Board, or Scott Brison posing nude for a calendar. I'm sorry if I just made you gag a little, but I guarantee you're awake now - who needs coffee? (Happy Halloween!)


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