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Thursday, October 26, 2006

In This Post, I Predict the Future

- UPDATE1 - When I'm right, I'm right.

Don't worry that the opposition is gutting, stalling, or blocking every attempt by the government to pass important legislation. Yes, that's what I said. Be angry about it. Demand that they do what's right for Canada. Call, e-mail and yell at Liberal MP's to stop holding Canada back from important legislation it needs. But Don't worry about it.

In their obstinacy, they are giving the Conservatives the greatest electoral gift they could possibly deliver. During the next election, look for the Conservatives to hammer away at a constant theme: Here's what we could have done were it not for the Liberals. The Conservatives have already passed the most popular of their election promises: tax cuts, a GST cut, and the Childcare plan. They can trot out and crow about these accomplishments come the next election, which will work favorably with the Canadian public.

But what they can also do is point to a list of the legislation that could have been passed were it not due to the obstructionist tactics of the liberals: A federal appointments watchdog who would have worked for a dollar a year, a justice act that would see dangerous offenders put behind bars where they belong, and most importantly, the Federal Accountability act - an act that has at this writing, been stalled by Liberal senators for 127 days.

Like I said, don't worry - it's a gift.

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