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Monday, October 23, 2006

Letter to My University

This will be appearing (hopefully) in this week's edition of my university's student newspaper. It's a modified form of a letter that was published in The St. John's Telegram (The Telegram to Newfoundlanders) over the summer.

This week, the university was host to the shameful scene of students actively supporting the abandonment of the people of Afghanistan to their violent former oppressors. These students are very likely the same activists who every other day claim to be the champions of human rights - but apparently, only when it’s easy. The very groups these people regularly claim to protect – gays and lesbians, oppressed women, religious minorities – are the very same people who would endure unbearable suffering were the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban, women were beaten and murdered for showing the slightest of skin on their ankles, and were considered nothing more than chattel. Gays and lesbians were brutally crushed to death by having walls bulldozed on top of them. Little girls were denied the right to go to school, and changing your religion was punishable by a violent death. How can these students nonchalantly support a course of action that would see these horrifying human rights violations committed once more upon innocent people? Are they not moved by the piteous tears of the oppressed? Do they even care?

Our role in Afghanistan has always been two-fold since day one: fight those who would kill innocent women and children indiscriminately, and help rebuild a nation shattered by decades of war and oppression. But we cannot do the latter without accomplishing the former. As long as men who believe that changing your religion merits a death sentence and that women are nothing more than property threaten the peace and lives of innocent people, Canada will be there to say "no!" and to stand firm against these violent thugs. We must not sacrifice our reputation as an international defender of human rights.

But according to the blind ideology of these “protestors,” we should. They say we should scurry like frightened rats and abandon the people that we, as a nation, made a commitment to - a people that express their gratitude to our wonderful troops every day for saving them from the Taliban.

Many of you will remember the image of a smiling Afghan woman, her liberated fingers stretched in a peace sign and stained purple from her first time ever voting.

You'd better hold on to that memory, because if people like these protestors get their way, that's all it will ever be.


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