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Friday, October 13, 2006

Paul Magee, Rest in Peace

Veteran broadcaster, husband, father and all around wonderful man Paul Magee passed away last night after a lengthy battle with cancer:

The Steele Communications family is in mourning today. Veteran broadcaster, colleague and friend, Paul Magee has succumbed to cancer. Paul Magee was originally from Saint John, New Brunswick but moved to Newfoundland in 1990 to become part of the NewCap team. Paul's talents are well known, from hosting the VOCM Morning Show, to the popular Cabin Party, and fundraisers, radiothons and telethons. His face was familiar on the Janeway Telethon, a cause he was associated with annually. But he was also part of activities for Multiple Sclerosis, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Police Officer of the Year Awards. In recent months, Paul could be seen telling anyone who would listen about his battle with cancer, his unquestioning faith, and love for his family. Paul leaves to mourn his wife Annette and children Peter, Tia and Mark. VOCM

I found out today at lunchtime from the daughter of one of his closest friends that this absolutely outstanding man had passed away last night. Paul was a kind, warm and caring individual, who always had a smile at the ready.

What I will remember most about Paul is a chat we had this summer after mass at my church, where I'm a cantor and Paul was a lector. Although I didn't know him that well, he walked right over to me and complimented me on the job that I had done songleading. I joked in kind that it was always nice to have a radio voice like his doing the readings from the Old Testament.

We chatted for a while about how things were going, and he told me about his wife and three kids. Paul was undergoing harsh cancer treatments at the time and was facing death, and yet I was astounded by his optimism. Despite his affliction, Paul's faith in God never wavered, even to the end. His incredible courage in the face of his battle with cancer is a model for how we should all face adversity in life.

He will be missed.

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