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Monday, October 23, 2006

Standing up for Human Rights in Afghanistan

So far, I haven't noticed that much of an anti-war sentiment on my campus. In fact, I was gleeful when I noticed that the staff at the library wore red "Support our Troops" t-shirts every friday.

But I did notice a booth on Friday set up outside the campus pharmacy in the university centre, behind which were posters that had "Bring our troops home" written on them. I think they were handing out propaganda information to passers-by.

Now I'm not a confrontational man. I like my peace and quiet, and normally nothing can disturb that. But something came over me as I walked by the two guys at the booth. It occurred to me that they were advocating a course of action that would see Afghan women back in burqas, reduced to mere chattel. While they prattled on about "human rights" at the home-front, they'd leave gays and lesbians in Afghanistan to be crushed under a wall by theocratic despots. Defeatist and morally equivalent socialism at the home-front is far more of a threat to innocents in Afghanistan than the Taliban are.

I couldn't let that stand. So I pointed straight at them inn the middle of a crowded university centre and projected firmly and with all of my conviction, "No! Keep the troops in Afghanistan and support human rights in Afghanistan!" The fools at the booth were left speechless. You should have seen their faces. I'm sure they didn't expect to be challenged, but by God they hadn't reckoned on running into me that day. As I kept walking, I had my gaze fixed on them with a look of disgust. "How can you say you support human rights?" I said, dismissing them with a wave of my hand. Then I shook my head and walked on.

They were speechless. Dumbstruck. This was, after all, a crowded university centre, where leftist-thought is the law of the land. Surely they thought to themselves, "I thought everyone agreed with us!"

Now they know otherwise.

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