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Monday, October 02, 2006

Woman Arrested for Hamster Neglect

Full disclosure: I have two hamsters (I adopted one of them, rescuing the little fella from certain death at the end of my Comparative Animal Physiology Lab).

Police arrested a woman for neglecting hamsters at her home after her roommate called authorities, police said Sunday. Sgt. Rick Larson said police arrested the 23-year-old on 39 counts each of two charges: failing to provide food and drink and failing to provide proper shelter to animals. The Rock County Humane Society removed 33 live and six dead hamsters. AP

Although I'm often one to criticize those who place animal rights above the rights of humans, permit me a moment of blatant inconsistency. Lock her up and toss away the keys!

Seriously, how could anyone neglect the cute little fuzzballs?


(H/T to Drudge)

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