A great man once said, "Politics is inherently stupid." That great man was me.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ding Dong, Your Irrelevancy Is Here!

After reading this and this, I thought I'd speak up (again) about Justin Trudeau. And all I'll say is this:

He spoke at my university a while back. I felt dirty for the rest of the day just being there.

The Liberals are just dying for their righteous white knight (sorry, we're multi-cultural..."technicolor knight") to ride on in and route the big bad Conservatives. I can hear the moans of the Liberal mind at night: "If only Trudeau had been running against Harper instead of Martin! If Only!"

Why, we could have a big neo-marxist "Trudeau Diversity Parade"tm down Yonge street and all the un-liberated Conservative women could be shorn and re-educated! Then, the men could be berated for being the neanderthals that they are and could be sent to a "sensitivity training" camp where they could be taught to think in the proper way - a new, taxpayer-funded, national program of course. Then we could spend all our time handing out flowers and making protest signs instead of going off to fight in wars for democracy. Where is Afghanistan, anyways?


Harper would have sent Justin packing with his political diapers, kids. Get used to it Liberals - Trudeaupia is dead (thank God) and he's not coming back.


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