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Monday, November 06, 2006

Global Warming: A Fact, So Get Used To It

- UPDATE1 - As both a conservative and as someone who's nearly finished a B.Sc, I will repeat: Al Gore style attempts to shock people in regards to climate change are silly at best. Worse, however, are attempts to deny climate change at all. We're not completely to blame for climate change, but we're sure as hell not helping with all our millions of inefficient dirty cars out there - and that's not even counting pollution from farming and industry. Surely we can make some non-drastic changes in the meantime in order to cut down on our emissions.

I'll see you all at Resolute by the pool.

One of the great things about the Blogging Tories is the outstanding diversity of views expressed by members. We run the gamut from red tories to social conservatives, and we all get a chance to speak our minds. And sometimes, we say things that others may disagree with. With that out of the way, let me be direct:

Global warming is a fact. Get used to it.

There are far too many on the right who ignore the reality of global warming. Admittedly we're used to hearing those on the left spout "chicken little" theories on every issue out there, but there is still no reason why any intelligent person should dispute the facts behind global warming. Frankly, I find it embarassing that some of my esteemed colleagues here at BT refuse to acknowledge global warming as anything other than a "theory."

All I'm saying is this: dispute how global warming is affecting our planet. Dispute the causes behind global warming - is it mainly anthropogenic (yes) or is our planet going through a warming cycle (yes)? Refusing to acknowledge global warming, however, is foolish. I'm not asking you to go out there and hug David Suzuki, whose support for environmental protection acts varies depending upon which party is in government (Conservative = bad). I am, however, asking you to evaluate the facts as they stand.

That being said, I still agree that Kyoto is a seriously flawed economic treaty that will do nothing for the environment and will wreak havoc on the Canadian economy. It's not a plan we can afford to support by any means. We do need an alternative - and we have one.

All I'm asking is that when you're sunning yourself and sipping iced tea at the tropical resort of Resolute, you take a moment to consider my argument.

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