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Sunday, November 26, 2006

HDTV - A Threat to Canada

Just when you thought the cultural elites had finished telling you what was good for you and what wasn't, along come these two yahoos:

Bart Beaty and Rebecca Sullivan argue that while HDTV is offered as part of an expanded choice for consumers, the selection of programming using digital over analog technologies is almost exclusively American.

"If you were to ask most Canadians what's wrong with Canadian TV, they wouldn't say 'image quality,' " said Beaty, co-author with Sullivan of the newly published book Canadian Television Today, in a statement Thursday.

The two authors argue in their book that "the only incentive for [Canadian] broadcasters to make the transition is competition — or, more like co-operation or even collusion — with the United States." *

Oh no! Not co-operation...or even worse, the clarion word for dealing with the enemy - collusion - with the Yanks of all people! That would mean we'd lose our cultural sovereignty! Who'd remember such great Canadian shows like...uh...um...uh...say, did you catch "Deal Or No Deal?" last night?

These two bozos need to realize that we don't have a Canadian television industry outside of useless shows sponsored by the CBC. The only Canadian television I watch is the news, that's it. The last great Canadian-produced show was Due South, and even that had its irritating moments.

They're both right though - the biggest problem facing Canadian Television isn't image quality - it's the absolutely crappy content being forced at us by these self-appointed cultural elites. God save us from the CBC movie of the week!

-EDIT- As a reader has pointed out, I am remiss in not mentioning Corner Gas. That show is pretty damn good.

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