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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The NDP: Getting Results for Canadians

I'd appreciate it if NDP MP Peter Julian stopped wasting my money and actually did his job instead of being an obstructionist oaf:

OTTAWA (CP) - A bit of old-fashioned political theatre is being played out in Ottawa today over the Canada-U.S. softwood lumber agreement.

The NDP has introduced nearly 100 proposed changes to Bill C-24 - the legislation that will bring into force the softwood lumber deal with the United States.

B.C. New Democrat Peter Julian is vowing to debate the amendments around the clock if necessary.

And so far, he has been talking almost non-stop, using an Oxford dictionary to debate words such as "the" and "any."

The committee has limited Julian to three minutes of debate for each amendment, which could see the proceedings continue beyond midnight eastern time.

NDP House Leader Libby Davies says Julian is trying to, among other things, lower the penalties on companies that don't participate in the softwood deal and eliminate what she calls the double taxation of Canadian lumber companies. *

When moral equivalency is your stock and trade, debating words like "the" and "any" must be a cakewalk. But hey, as long as you're "Getting Results for People."

H/T National Newswatch.

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