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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pardon me for (not) sounding like an alarmist...

...But I sure hope the Federal Tories are paying attention to this. I know that this says otherwise, but that's two polls so far that put the difference down to a neck-and-neck race. I'm also aware of the conventional wisdom that says a leaderless party rises higher in the polls because people imagine it led by their ideal leader...and then quickly slides back down when the other shoe drops.

We shouldn't be overly worried though. Direct reaction to the income trust announcement is bound to be that of anger towards the current government, but that will soon dissipate (especially since almost every single every pundit agrees that Flaherty did the right thing, even if he had to break an election promise to do it).

I also know that PMSH has been paying special attention to the much-talked-about 'Quebec situation' as of late. It's reported that he's formed a taskforce to focus on how to restore the party's fortunes in Quebec; That's comforting knowledge. Generally, when PMSH gets serious about something, he can get the job done. (Anyone who thinks otherwise can try to explain how he managed to save reform from the brink of politcal collapse, unite the right after years of infighting, and form a viable government in the span of three years). Hopefully we'll see some greater visibility from our Quebec ministers (read: not Michael Fortier, who, by the way, bears an eerie resemblance to actor Jason Statham) and some appealing policies for Quebecers. To ignore the problem in Quebec is quite simply political suicide, and Harper had better be taking it seriously if he has any hopes of a majority government next time around.

So, all is not lost - far from it, actually. If our government is smart and hard-working, it will survive. Let's hope the political lessons the Tories have received lately haven't been lost on them.

Hey, it could be worse.

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