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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Poppy

I realized long ago that the design of the poppy isn't the most stable one out there (although my multiple "in-and-out" hook-pinning technique seems to do the trick). Of course you're going to lose them. And so, when I was ten I came to the conclusion that they were trying to get people to "buy" as many of them as possible.

Is this a cruel, manipulative campaign that abuses the symbol of the poppy? Should you worry about those crafty Royal Canadian Legion Vets trying to fleece you out of your hard earned dough? Hell no. And instead of telling you why, I'm going to show you why:

I'll gladly donate money for as many poppies as necessary if they blow off my lapel. There is no "poppy price" - save that of the lives of tens of thousands of brave Canadian men (and lately, our brave women) who gave their lives for this nation during the First and Second World Wars, Korea, and beyond. In any event, you don't buy poppies, you make a voluntary donation for them.

If these men so freely gave their lives for us, why should you care if you have to drop another few quarters in the can for another poppy? My Veterans Affairs policy is simple: we owe them whatever the hell they want, no questions asked.

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