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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

CTV's Tacit Admission

I just watched the greatest admission ever made by Television News Media. CTV's Dan Matheson was interviewing someone from the "Center for American Progress" about John Bolton's recent resignation. Immediately red flags went up in my mind - and for good reason. Matheson tacitly admitted that it was a "somewhat" (his emphasis) liberal think-tank.

Oh sure, just a little tiny bit:

Sure! Why believe in a future of freedom and peace for these people? I mean, they're not valuable Americans, they're just worthless Iraqis!

I don't think so.

Something tells me Jack Layton would find the content on the site quite agreeable. I can't even imagine CTV calling "Focus on the Family" a somewhat conservative think tank.

It sounded to me like CTV felt a little bit guilty and wanted to throw us a tacit admission.

(Or maybe they could have offered an opposing conservative viewpoint...naaaaah.)

-EDIT- I just heard Lloyd Matthews let slip, "we have a new leader," before he corrected himself and said "a new face in government." Freudian slip?

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