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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

France Remains Staunch Ally


In a bid to secure the freedom of afghani men, women, and children as well as to enhance its efforts in fighting the global war on terror, France has decided to pull 200 of its best troops from Afghanistan.


What I really meant to say was "In a cowardly move designed to further enhance the image of France as a nation with no stomach for honourable sacrifice in the name of freedom, France has decided to pull out 200 of its best troops from Afghanistan.

Left to pick up the slack?

Perhaps the French need a reminder as to why they should never forsake their allies.
"There is strong skepticism about the relevance of NATO in Afghanistan if it is not for stabilization and rebuilding of the country," said Francois Gere, head of the French Institute of Strategic Analysis, a think tank. "If it is for waging nasty guerrilla warfare, there is no appetite in France and, I think, most European countries."

Emphasis mine.


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