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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Irony abounds in Liberal Leadership Speeches

Bob Rae's joke at the leadership convention yesterday:

It seems Mr. Harper took his entire cabinet out to dinner. When they were all seated around the table the waiter began to take the order.
"I'll have the steak," Harper said.
"And what about the vegetables?" the waiter asked.
Harper said, "oh, they'll have the steak too."

Bob Rae would object to ordering a nice, lean steak. Had the joke been about himself, they would have ordered pork.

Scott Brison's openening statement: "It is time for us Liberals to reflect on the reasons and momentous events that have brought us here today"


(spelling errors fixed, sorry. When you only get an hour's sleep and you're up at 5 am, things get lost along the way!)


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