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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not Everything is Done In the Pursuit of Power

Sheila Copps has an article out where she discusses the Conservative plans to eliminate taxpayer-funded left-wing advocacy groups:

The government is gambling Canadians don't care about the shortage of women in the House of Commons. By closing Status of Women offices and eliminating the "advocacy" role of women's organizations, Conservatives appeal to an important base, those who detest funding to "liberal" interest groups.

The problem is, they already own that base. If Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to win a majority government, he has to appeal to the broad Canadian electorate, in every sense of the word. Instead, he may be awaking a sleeping giant.

Nothing can be more indicative of the particular lens through which Liberals see all government action: everything is done in the pursuit of power. To Copps, the Government's actions are puzzling: why on earth are the Conservatives appealing to a base they already control? How can they possibly gain votes in this manner?

What Copps and most Liberals fail to understand is that the Conservative Party does not solely exist to maintain power over Canadians. Whereas every move made by recent Liberal governements has been analysed in terms of how it will affect the LPC's electoral fortunes, the same is not true for the Conservatives. This isn't about appealing to our base. This isn't about trying to win a majority - it's about taking care of business. It's about getting rid of of the government funded left-wing advocacy industry, which serves to benefit only those sucking at the government teat at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. It's about doing right by Canadians regardless of concerns for political power. It's about levelling the playing field for Conservative voices in this country. It's about ending the forces calling for social engineering.

It's about taking the bullhorn away from the extremists and giving a voice back to mainstream, moderate voices in this country. And it's about time.

It may come as a surprise to Liberals that, yes, Conservatives believe in things too. We just happen to believe things other than absolute power.



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