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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sgro moves to Ignatieff

Judy Sgro has just moved to Ignatieff's camp, and tossed on a scarf.

It looks like a little momentum is swirling around Ignatieff but I'm not making any attempts to call this yet. Dion still seems to have the most momentum.

Paul Zed says the Quebec caucus is quite supportive of Ignatieff.

Rae looks desolate. It all comes down to who he chooses to endorse, and if his delegates will even listen.

-update-: Rae leaves his delegates open.

Chretien's Daughter moves to Dion....oh....joy.

Paul Wells: "The Dion camp's about to run out of green scarves"

I'm hoping Ignatieff pulls ahead, personally, but we'll see.
More coming as it comes in!

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