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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I was bored so I ventured over to libblogs to find a few gems. This post is quite humourous; the responses are even funnier...

Ladies, Please Listen Up: Prime Minister Harper is the Man of this House.

When asked about whether he has ever taken a ride on Laureens motorcycle, Harper said no. Not because he has a fear of speed. Or that the bike is too small. He stated: "You've got to worry about image. I don't want to be on the back with my wife driving." At least he's honest about his chauvinism, right?

This kind of statement is in line with scrapping Ken Dryden and Paul Martins[sic] hard work with childcare and the dismantling of the SWC.
At 3:09 PM, lance said...
Actually, he's being honest about societies chauvinism. That's why he mentioned image.
At 3:13 PM, Michelle Oliel said...
Lance, so he's a status quo kind of guy? Do you want a Prime Minister that perpetuates silly values held my [sic] few?

At 3:43 PM, deaninregina said...
No, I want a Prime Minister that isn't going to tax me to death.

Followed by this gem:

At 4:38 PM, thepelliott said...
...Sounds more like he's honest about the media's chauvinism. The guy's married to an obviously modern, independent woman who besides riding a motorcycle, has run her own business. Does that sound like typical mate of a chauvinist to you?
Well said, ladies and gents. Unfortunately for the party of mock outrage, the truth belays the spin.

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