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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Aren't you getting tired of the new Conservative Government?

"Is it time for the Conservatives to drop the 'Canada's New Government Line'?"

Seriously. What basis was there to ask this question, if not to cheaply mock the Government's attempts to create a brand or image for itself? Every government is 'guilty' of trying to do so, but it's hardly something you can blame them for. You either create your own image or the media and your opposition will do it for you (something Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper know quite well by now). Sure it might sound kitschy, but that's how slogans work.

For the Conservative Party, the theme of doing things in a new and different manner is an important reminder to Canadians that they are not the party that passes bundles of taxpayer cash to friends of the party in unmarked brown envelopes, nor are they the party which loses billions of dollars in ill-fated registries or HRDC boondoggles.

It's important for the Government to remind Canadians that they are trying a 'new' approach in Ottawa: by cutting pork barrel advocacy groups that accomplish little or nothing (other than to influence public opinion in favour of the 'statist' quo) or by pushing forth long awaited reforms of the Senate. One can disagree with the direction the current government is heading, but one cannot say that what the government is doing isn't different from what used to be the norm. Heck, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing so much controversy from groups that previously had unrestricted access to the public teat - with little or no accountability to the Canadian Public!

With all this in mind, one should consider that the Tory government isn't even a year old yet and that Canadians previously faced a stagnant Liberal Government that had been in power for thirteen years. I can only speak for myself, but with that perspective in mind it seems hard to criticize the current government for branding themselves as 'new'. To me, it seems like some of the CTV.ca staff have decided that it's time to forget all of that and get on with seeing this government as no different from what we've previously seen. I suppose it makes it easier to be cynical then: "Eh, they're just like the old guys!".

Maybe the CTV poll staff should been honest and asked what they were really thinking: Aren't you guys tired of the Conservative Government yet?

......Hurry up already!

--EDIT-- It's Monday morning and the poll is still up. Shouldn't CTV be asking a question about David Beckham and Posh Spice right about now?

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