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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Better Get Your Story Straight, Jon

Remember how the Conservative Party's environmental plan was mocked by some political activists environmentalists because it would supposedly "take too long?" Remember how we'd all be old and grey by the time it kicked in?

Jon Bennett, Director of Climate Action Network, is not prone to praise when discussing the international process to address climate change, "It is very slow. It is very laborious. It has its own timetable and doesn't respect the reality and urgency of what it's trying to deal with. However," he adds, "it has moved forward. And it's the best we've got."


Watching Bennett explain climate change is an amusing pastime of mine. Distilled, his argument is "George W. Bush has close connections to the oil industry." For example:

Canada has frequently been accused of blocking progress at the United Nations Climate Change Negotiations. According to Bennett, this has often been due to the country's attempt to pander to the demands of the United States.

President Bush has close ties with the oil industry, explains Bennett. "He is the US's oil advocate to stop the rest of us from weaning off fossil fuels." In attempting to please the Americans and protect its own interests, "Canada has supported a lot of conditions that the environmental community has not appreciated."*

Then there was Bennett's take on the Clean Air Act:

"The proposed federal regulations presented today by the Harper government line up with the outdated and weak standards of the Bush Administration, not the stringent standards of the state of California,'' the group said in a news release.- Bennett, on the Clean Air Act.*

And again, the standard line:

“This announcement is nothing more than a recipe for delay. Adopting the (George W.) Bush administration’s standards will not lower emissions from vehicles.” - Bennett, on the Clean Air Act.*

It's hard to respect Bennett - the man simply sounds like one of those dolls that spew soundbites whenever you pull the string on the back.

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