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Friday, January 12, 2007

Dion and Easy Money

I could write an essay on this. I'll be brief instead.

“All these workers living too fast for the easy money in the north,” [Stephan Dion] blasted as Liberal-appointed senators Tommy Banks and Grant Mitchell looked on. “It’s not good for the economy.”

Perhaps Citoyen Dion should try searching in vain for a job in the Atlantic region so that he can feed his family before he opens his exceptionally large and privileged mouth about all those fools going for "easy money" out west. Put food on the table for their kids? How dare they - what about the environment?!

Dion is just another central Canadian politician who knows nothing and cares even less for Atlantic Canadians.

All these opposition leaders living too fast for the easy money in Ottawa - it's not good for the economy.

It's even worse for the country.



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