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Friday, January 12, 2007

I Strongly Advocate Violence Towards Women

Apparently it's true! My two sisters will doubtless be shocked, but "Politics and Poetry" has determined that I in fact don't care about the suffering of abused women.

"Dante, your blatant misrepresentation of the article is despicable and I suggest you refrain from this kind of trolling.
Your comment that no one cares signals to me that YOU don’t care that it is those with vaginas who endure abuse in greater numbers than those without."

Well, colour me surprised. I assumed that common sense would dictate to someone that vulgarity (see "Vagina Warriors") generally doesn't help get your point across (although it can sometimes be fun and profitable). But, as my wise mother always points out, assume nothing. If I started a group in support of father's rights and called it the "Penis Warriors," I'm willing to bet I'd have a hard time getting people to take me seriously - especially since the name sounds like the title of an adult film.

But I digress. Normally when I make a comment on someone's blog I don't check back for a response. Some people like to engage in "comment wars," which to me seems to be the equivalent of arguing back and forth over an internet forum, but its not something I find terribly appealing.

However, her reaction got to me a little bit, something I'm not used to. This lady's argument is more or less something I'm used to hearing from people on the left (especially at my university by the liberal advocacy centre women's resource centre, but she's so absolutely wrong here that I feel compelled to call her out on it. She says I'm a misogynist. I say she's out to lunch. Here's why:

Misogynists generally don't worry themselves sick about their sisters who are living away in large cities because of the violence committed against women in these places. My blood boils whenever my sister recounts to me how she had to mace a guy who wouldn't leave her alone on the L in Chicago, or the story she told me about some stark-naked sicko who ran up to her classroom window one day and spread his 'bodily fluids' over it.

Misogynists generally don't sign petitions that call for the support of programs to protect battered women.

Misogynists generally don't volunteer at organizations like MaterCare International that provide surgery to mothers in Africa affected with Obstetric fistula, a condition that leaves them permanently incontinent. Misogynists generally don't mail out frigging surgical sutures to a poor doctor (who was also a nun) in Mozambique so that she could provide care to these women. I don't know. I guess I just must hate women.

Finally, and this is the clincher, misogynists generally don't protect their next door neighbours from violence in the middle of a domestic dispute. Two years ago, I heard a screaming outside my house the night before my genetics exam, and I ran to the window to find my next door neighbour running to the house and screaming in terror as she banged on the door for me to let her in. I pulled the door open and locked her and my other sister in the bedroom to protect them, while I yelled at them to call the police. My neighbours were immigrants from Ghana, and apparently this girl's boyfriend (also from Ghana) had slapped her around a bit, and had threatened to "stone her." My brother, in the meantime, kept the guy out of the house as he tried to force his way in. We called the police, and they took care of it. The girl still stops by and thanks me every now and then.

And so, "Politics and Poetry," I close with this: that's what I've done to protect women from violence. What the hell have you done, except talk about how your sisters are all "vagina warriors?"

But what else would you expect from me.

I'm just a misogynist, after all.

EDIT: She's the vengeful type who likes to use institutional intimidation, apparently:

"I don’t tolerate misogyny well. You may suffer deletion if I’m feeling very sensitive about it. But I don’t think I’ve deleted any of your comments. Not intentionally, anyway. I get about 100 spam a day and I’ve quit checking it to see if I should post it. I don’t have that kind of time right now. I have much on the go.

I’m getting private messages from some who have been with me from early on, wondering why I tolerate the likes of you and other serious trolls at P’n'P. One particularly nasty chap I felt obligated to report to his employer for his racist and misogynist remarks from a workplace computer. Others have simply been deleted and banned for abusing the privilege of posting comments. I mean, someone who posts tripe from the same IP address with two or three different names and two or three different email addresses is automatically out. It’s trolling, nothing more, nothing less and I won’t tolerate it.

I’m still pretty new to this blogging thing — less than a year — and haven’t had to deal with much shite until recently." **

Sometimes, instead of going running to the teacher, adults deal with these things themselves. Sometimes, it's best to just shrug it off when people display their childish side. Hell, that's what I've been doing with Canadian Cynic all these years.



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