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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Been A Year

And so it has. Thankfully, whenever the next election comes through the Conservatives will be able to campaign on a solid foundation of fulfilled promises. Like Dominoes, the Conservatives deliver. And how.

"The Tories campaigned and won on five key goals: cleaning up government, cutting the GST, cracking down on crime, paying parents $100 for each child under six and establishing a health care patient wait times guarantee.

The only promise yet to be fulfilled is the medicare wait times, although Harper has announced four separate patient wait time pilot projects since taking office. "

And that's just in one year. You've gotta love this, though:

"But their accomplishments came as the Liberals remained preoccupied with choosing a leader, the NDP seemed eager to attack both the Liberals and the Tories and as the Bloc Quebecois spent much of the time evaluating the Conservative threat in Quebec."

Where was the media speculation over the ease of the Liberals in maintaining massive majorities over a divided opposition of the NDP, the Reform party, the Bloc and the Progressive Conservative Party? It sounds to me like the CTV should give the Tories credit for keeping their opposition off-balance, rather than diminishing their performance by chalking it up entirely to a divided opposition.

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