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Friday, January 19, 2007

New Hit Piece Out; Proves Conservatives Really Do Have A Hidden Agenda

SDA has been following the Guy Gendron non-story over the Alberta Oilsands, and had a link to CBC Watch where I saw something that I thought deserved even more emphasis:

"They discovered that as of the day following the election Steven Harper last January, the Canadian government agreed to multiply by five from here 2015 the extraction of the oil of bituminous sands."

See! See! We told you they had a hidden agenda! They didn't waste any time, either! Look at our proof! Look, look!

And the CP has also jumped on the bandwagon, ensuring the stability of the "report on a manufactured report reported by a reporter" industry:

"The report has raised the spectre that Canada is being pressured to dramatically increase production to meet the energy needs of the United States, regardless of the environmental consequences - a concern that's been dismissed by political and industry sources."

The reason it's a spectre is because it doesn't exist. Period. Informed readers should wonder just who's raising the 'spectre,' and why. I know that the media likes to sensationalize everything so as to make a story seem bigger than it actually is (or to make something look like a story, period) but this is just unbelievably transparent on the part of our national media. There isn't even a modicum of an attempt to hide the editorial bias here. They might as well just go all out and make Robert McClelland the news editor of the National.

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