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Thursday, January 18, 2007

On Equalization

On Monday I wrote a post on how Harper would be endangering himself politically in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador should he carry through with his alleged plan to fix the fiscal imbalance. However, according to an article published in Wednesday's The Telegram, this plan has only been reported in the Quebec media. Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay is also denying that the government is planning on breaking its promise to exclude resource revenues from equalization.

Premier Danny Williams is taking a more conciliary tone as of late with Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the issue of equalization, which I'm sure came as a surprise to those of you following this debate. Williams has said he believes that Harper will keep his promise regarding equalization, and that Newfoundlanders should not worry about it. If you find yourself curious over Williams' softer approach to the federal government, don't be. This is Williams' way of telling the Prime Minister You know what I've threatened before, so the ball is in your court - I trust that you'll do what's beneficial for the both of us.

I hope he does.

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