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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ah, Garth....where to start?

Here's Garth Turner, almost one year ago today:

"It's simply a matter of satisfying the voters of Canada's desire to have people who sit in the House of Commons actually be legitimized by the voters. I don't think it's a big deal. I don't think it's a stretch."

and again...

"If you want to be a Liberal, be elected as a Liberal. All those things have honour but the honour is bestowed by the people, not by the individual."

and again...

"...I was elected as a Conservative. I'm proud to be a Conservative."

Today, however, Garth had this to say:

"Today, the Liberal party is as close to my PC roots as I'm going to get.."

And on his blog he offered these lame duck excuses....

"Third, I am not crossing any damn floor. Prior to 5 pm today, I was not a member of any political party."

It seems to me that the point is irrelevant; Turner was elected as a Conservative member of parliament and was kicked out of caucus. He should have sat as an independent for the rest of his tenure as an MP. If he wanted to become a Liberal, he should have ran as one in the next election in order to avoid being a hypocrite. After all, almost exactly a year ago he had this to say on his blog:

[Members of Parliament] should sit in Parliament as they were elected. If they decide to change parties, they should go and get re-elected.
It doesn't matter if Turner changed parties directly or if he sat as an independent for a short spell - according to his own words, he should stand for re-election.

Moving onward...

"Fourth, seems to me we will be having a federal election right quick. "

How convenient for him.

"Last, I am most happy to run in a by-election along with Emerson, Fortier and Khan. Fair is fair, and I challenge PMSH to set a date. I’ll resign 36 days earlier and campaign with pleasure. Bring it on."

Again, Turner knows full well that this won't happen any time soon. I think he understands that we aren't likely going to be seeing a spring election, the current political climate offering no advantage to any particular party in the House. Accordingly, he can pontificate out of his mouth and then turn around and do the same from his arse.

All in all, that's quite a change of direction in one short year. I wondered how Mr. Turner would attempt to spin this one.

Anyone up for a "De-elect Garth Turner" campaign?



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